The Dystopian Reality: How Technology is Turning Us into 1984

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Technology has greatly impacted our lives and it has become a great resource for us. It is beneficial to our society, even though there are some effects we are not aware on how it's affecting us. George Orwell’s novel, 1984, describes the totalitarian government of Big Brother which spies on their citizens using telescreens to keep track of their every move. Today’s technology is taking us closer to the society described by Orwell due to the fact we are being tracked on our devices, webcams secretly record us, and it is legal for the government to invade our privacy.

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To being with as you may know we are on our way of becoming like 1984 because now they can detect us through our laptops or even phone cameras and see the things we are doing. The article The CIA is using popular Tv Smartphones and cars to Spy on their owner mentions with their tv they put it on fake mode so the owner believes is off when in reality it's on. This is saying they are aware of too much information from us because they can go through our pictures, passwords, and contacts. Another way is iPhones, and Androids are turning into microphones files where they listen to your whole conversation without any permission needed. One piece of evidence from 1984 is when Winston and Julia get caught and their hear them through the poster behind the painting. Another piece of evidence is thoughtcrime they are being watched through the telescreen and used their own children to spy on them and betray them if their doing something their not supposed to.

In addition, in 1984 they could listen through telescreens and here we are being listened to through our own phones. In the article, Surveillance Technologies state that the government can track us down through our text messages, read emails, and are allowed to listen through our phone calls. This is causing us not to have our own freedom and our own privacy since we are monitored by the government through different devices. They have stated that secretly they turn on webcams built into personal laptops and phones not being used. In the book, we read that the government is listening to everyone's conservation through the telescreen.

Furthermore, we can discuss how the government legally uses surveillance technology to spy on us without our knowledge. In 1984 Orwell states, “The party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested in power.” The quote explains that Big Brother wanted to be able to dictate Oceania and we can infer the government is trying to do a similar tactic by allowing themselves to be able to monitor. In an article, the National Security Agency stated that the population has increased its surveillance due to its terrorist attacks on September 11 ,2001. This is getting much closer to our society's government because big brother controlled of Oceania.

In conclusion, we must notice that we are being control by the government and letting them watch us or hear without our permission of us. Due to this, we are getting much and much closer to 1984 because we are surrounded by it in various different ways. In my opinion i think all the community should get together in willing to stop the overuse of technological surveillance because it may be affecting more than you may know.  

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