Report On Self-Analysis Using Johari Window

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It was an astounding method to find out about myself and my practices towards others which were never seen. I have clarified beneath my results of all the four quadrants.

Open area

This area includes all those attributes which I came throughout when I was thinking about myself and was also known to others. There were number of things which I think have in me. In which some of that, parallel with things which my best friends, family members, and my known observed in me.

Caring: I am very caring person with my all near and dear ones this is just because of my nature. I am very polite, and this thing is assessing by my family specially by my mother, father, brother, sister and my best friends also. I am not just caring of my family and friends but also the people who met with me at just one or two times. The main thing in the caring nature person have honesty and manners of giving respect to others and they help to others without any mean behind that. If I am included my profession as a general nurse caring nature should be must in her way of caregiver.

Ethical: Ethical person verify all the rules and regulations which are made in his/her community. This is also confirming to the principles related to conduct his/ her business or profession. As I said in the former information in the nursing field they should be must have more responsible and sensible in this job because these things are boost their stamina of patience as well as make them more responsible and obedient about their work as well.

Respectful and confident: It is like I have always seen by parents respecting every single person in their life, no matter which age group they belong. So, I have an inherent quality of respecting everyone which is quit observable to all my family friends and collogues. Moreover, I believe that more respective voyager, more respective you get back.

Responsible: I have a core quality of being responsible in performing every single task in my life. This was also perceived by my colleagues and supervisor with whom I use to work my back home. As am always very responsibly given treatment to the patient with very accuracy during my internship in a civil hospital. I also play a role in any kind of function at home I play a very responsible role in organizing everything require in the function.

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I have a habit of listening music while travelling because it is the free time when I give the food to my soul and it relax my mind also that is why I listen to music. Moreover, if I listen to music in long journey then I never feel bored and it is also minimizing the length of distance I covered because I indulge myself in this entertainer activity.

Hidden region

This is also a part of my own thought which I hide from all people

Deep thinker: I am a deep thinker person and I always thought about the profound things which is interlinked with my life and related to my life. This is the unintentional condition which I felt that when I am taking decision in my life and I do it again and again. My friends and family members have told me you think more about taking decision this Is just because of my deep thinking. I take all decisions in my life Anger: I always get angry very soon, but I never ever show it to the people who are responsible for that this is just because I never ever wants to hurt anyone else, that is why I keep all these things inside me and never share with others. For preventing myself from this stressful condition I want a peaceful place and keep me away from those things and thoughts which give me pain and sorrow. These sorts of things hurt me and cause irritation in my mood. It also spoils my whole day sometimes and I never focus on any task because it becomes keep me in tensions and stress also. Behind all above explanations I do these for my close hearted people with whom I love and who loves me more than me. For keeping the stability of relationship, I hide my madness from everybody to keep them happy.

Blind area part one

Stubborn: Since from my childhood I was very stubborn about the new things for buying, like toys, clothes, chocolates, and many more. Now I have the same behavior about something and thoughts. I had never avoided the information that contradicts my beliefs by the other because I argued about everything weather I have had knowledge about those things or not and I always think that I am right but after the rest of time period when I gives up and having a bad results like breakdown in relationship, stop talking with others then I realize my mistake and after that I improve that and overcome my fear about new things.

Egoistic: In my life there are many times it was done when my friends are got angry with me. I honestly tells this I trust on every person very soon. I don’t know this is my weakness or my strength. But now it is made my habit and when I looked after on that it gives me pain and sadness because when I care too much to the people who closed my heart they leave me alone just because the reason of my ego. Like sometimes I am free from my work or study and I wants to spend my plenty of time with my friends and on the right time the reject my calling I get angry with then. I thought that they are free, but they are not, and, in that situation, it creates conflict between us, and I think they are ignoring me and also don’t like to talk with me but I know they are not like ever that I think about them and they are also right on their place. But after a short break it was always my friends used to come forward and sort-out the things. After one day sorting the misunderstandings my friends and family members made me alive that I am egoistic person and as I never come forward to apologize when though it is my mistake. At the beginning, I rejected to agree but after that when I have think about again and again it makes the real image and from that day I always accept my mistakes and try to give my best in any talk and improve my mistakes next time. This is also good for me to perform better in my life because every person has never the same attitude towards me. Blind area part two: I engaged myself in a comprehensive interaction with one person who are currently part of my life and discovered the one new blind spots which I need to overcome.

Extrovert behavior: I write about my second blind spot which is assessed by my classmate that I am easily open with every person and share my all personal information with them. I am spending most of the time with my classmate and she had hard to fine such a thing about me. She thinks that I am very extrovert person. She always avoided me regarding doing that but I denial her and after doing something wrong with me then she realized to my over openness with unknowns.

Lethargic: I am extremely sluggish individual it was seen by my closest companion she has seen that a considerable lot of time I do all my every day undertaking with the specific quiet personality and gradually. Additionally, she likewise said that I am extremely indiscreet about myself that I overlook the various numerous assignment which I must perform. Truly, it’s actual because I have likewise seen that I am exceptionally lethargic when I should rise at a young hour early in the day I was able to improve my self-awareness about the myriad people’s behaviors which were hard core in me by performing my own Johari window. It helped me to incline my open region toward blind area by feedback from my near and dear ones and toward hidden area by disclosing my inner beliefs with people.

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