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The Assumed Belief in Bad Luck on Certain Days

There is an assumption in my area that if there is a small child who is often sick, one of the reason is that he is not strong with the name given by his parents. So the solution is to replace the child's name with...

The Influence of Bad and Negative News on One's Day

Every day we watch, hear or read about another tragedy or national disaster occurring, desensitizing us to gun violence, corruption, human suffering and natural disasters. Most often, the pubic unites for moments or days to mourn or express other emotions and then resumes their daily...

Overcoming Bad Work Habits: Strategies for Personal and Organizational Advancement

Introduction In today's professional landscape, it is not uncommon for individuals to develop detrimental work habits. These habits can infiltrate the routines of employees and managers alike, often without any warning signs. Unexpectedly, these bad work habits can have a negative impact on an individual's...

The Consequences of the Day Gone Bad and How to Get Out of It

Have you ever woken up with a huge crowd surrounding you? Well here's a time that happened to me. It all started started out like a normal spring day besides the fact I had to get up early to go dress shopping. It was probably...

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