The Consequences of the Day Gone Bad and How to Get Out of It

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Have you ever woken up with a huge crowd surrounding you? Well here's a time that happened to me. It all started started out like a normal spring day besides the fact I had to get up early to go dress shopping. It was probably around 10 o'clock when I heard my sister rushing in yelling, “Jalyn hurry up we have to leave.” I jump out of bed infuriated because my alarm didn’t go off. I threw on some clothes and brushed my hair I was running down the stairs when my leg locked up and I fell down the rest of the steps.

My sister just laughed at me and said, “you’re so dumb” and out the door I went. When I got in the car, I realized I didn’t even get a chance to eat breakfast. Today was truly going to be a bad day I thought to myself. Then Jamie cranked up the radio and the whole car ride up to Iowa City we were jamming out to country music with the windows down. You could smell the fresh air and hear the traffic zooming past us. It was so nice to spend this time with my sister considering I hardly see her anymore.

When we finally arrived at David's Bridal we waited for the other bridesmaids to arrive and for the lady who was going to help us. Shortly after everyone was there and a lady came over and introduced herself as Jenni and that she would be the one helping us. She let Jamie pick out some styles of dresses she liked and then Jenni helped find sizes for us to try on. We tried on what seemed to be 50 dresses but we narrowed it down to two. We all put on the same dress at the same time for Jamie to see and she picked the one she liked, which were yellow lace for the bridesmaids and then grey for my sister Jacque and I but the same style.

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As we went to the counter to pay that’s when my day really turned bad. I was standing there by the counter and I started getting hot, shaky, everything even started going black, and I stood up to get my sister terrified what was happening and then I passed out and smoked my head on the counter and floor. Everything felt like it was spinning and I couldn’t move I felt paralyzed. I couldn’t wake up but I could hear everything. Everyone was freaking out and yelling to call 911 and wake me up. Many minutes had passed and I finally woke up to the paramedics talking to me saying “ma'am are you okay, can you hear me?” I couldn’t talk right away and I was just starting to regain eyesight and I looked over Jacque was sitting to my right as my head was on her lap and Jamie was on my left crying as she held my hand. The paramedics asked, “What happened”.

I answered the best I could in a shaky voice, “I don't really know, I got light headed and fell down that’s all I remember” so they started checking my vitals and looking at my head. They stuck my finger to check my sugar levels also. They said I would be fine but they could take me in to have me checked over by the doctor if my sisters wanted them too or I could just go to my family doctor on Monday. Jessica called my mom and she said as long as they checked everything and didn’t see anything that she would just take me Monday.

The paramedics left and we finished paying and then we went to get lunch. We went to Olive Garden to eat and I started feeling better but I had a headache and was still dizzy so Jessica gave me some Advil to take. When we were done eating my head was still hurting so we went to Jessica’s house so I could put ice on my head and I laid down to rest. An hour went by and I was feeling somewhat better so we headed home. Later that night I started getting nauseous and I ran to the bathroom just in time before I threw up. My mom came in the bathroom and said “Jalyn what is wrong are you okay?”

I said “I don’t know what’s wrong but my head hurts really bad.” Mom exclaimed, “ I am going to call the ER and see what they say after what happened to you today!” Mom left the room and made the call then came back and said they wanted her to bring me in to have checked. When we arrived they checked me in and I laid on the couch until I heard them yell “Jalyn.” I slowly got up off the couch and we walked to the room as my mom held onto me because I felt like I was going to collapse since I was so weak.

The nurse checked my vitals and wrote down what had happened. The nurse left the room and I laid back down while waiting on the doctor. The nurse came back in a few minutes later and said the doctor wanted me to have a scan done on my head before he came in to see me. The nurse brought a wheelchair and pushed me over to the x-ray room to do the scan which didn’t take long. I returned to the ER room and waited for the doctor. The doctor came in about 30 minutes later and said I had a concussion and my head was bruised really bad but there was no internal bleeding. He gave me restrictions such as limiting TV, phones and computers because that would cause my head to hurt more so a lot of rest and keep the lights dim. I couldn’t go to school for about a week which was really nice, but catching up was not worth it.

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