The Life of David Chang, a Famous Korean-American Chef

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David Chang is a famous Korean-American chef born in Vienna, Virginia but raised in Arlington with his two older brothers, his older sister, his mother and his father. Chang’s father, Joe Chang, was born in North Korea, while his mother, Sherri Chang, was born in South Korea. With this in mind, they immigrated from Korea in the 1960s, later on giving birth to David Chang on August 5th, 1977. He is currently 42 years old and married to Grace Seo Chang. Although, she keeps her personal life very private. People say that they don’t know any background information about her such as her age, parents, education, career, etc. But, by her physical appearance, it is possible to infer that she has Asian heritage. David Chang’s net worth is about $50 million annually. The couple has a son named Hugo that’s only just a few months old.

For high school, David went to Georgetown preparatory school which is a really expensive boarding school in North Bethesda, Maryland. Before Chang wanted to be in the culinary industry, he went to Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. After he figured out what he wanted to pursue in life, he left to go to the French Culinary Institute which focuses on traditional French cuisine and cooking methods. He later incorporates these methods in his cooking and food. He later went to the International Culinary Center in New York. This is New York’s top-tier culinary school which focuses on specializes in professional culinary, pastry, and wine education.

Originally, David’s father, Joe Chang, wanted him to be a professional golfer. So he took lessons and became a prodigy who won two Virginia state championships. Chang picked up a small job in finance but got tired of desk work. His father always took him to a ramen shop called Wagamama and was so amused by how they made noodles that he considered to be in the culinary industry. His curiosity led him to go after his ambition and after getting tired of desk work he told his father that he was going to pursue his dream and set out to school.

David Chang later aired his TV show Ugly Delicious, a Netflix Original, where he goes over a certain dish and how it’s made and every detail about it. He also has another TV show called The Mind of a Chef which instead of eating and going over the food, the host makes the food and brings the audience along on the journey of making the food. David has written many books such as the Momofuku duo, the Lucky Peach duo, Blockchain: The Essential Guide to Understanding and Using Blockchain Technology for Beginners David Chang, Powershell: The What, When and How of Powershell David Chang, Ethereum: Master the Ether and Profit from Opportunity David Chang, and many more.

Chang opened his restaurant that has won multiple Michelin stars. Momofuku has multiple locations all over the world in three countries including America. It’s a very high-end restaurant that has many different foods which were all created by David himself.

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