Isaac Newton: One of the Smartest Men That Ever Lived

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Did you know that Sir Isaac Newton threatened to burn down his mother’s and step-father’s house with them in it, as a teen? My essay will inform you about the life and legacy of Sir Isaac Newton. In my opinion, Isaac Newton was one of the smartest men that ever lived.

Early Life

Sir Isaac Newton’s life began on December 25th, 1642 on the new calendar or January 4th, 1643 on the old Julian calendar, in the location of Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England. Isaac Newton was born premature, and was not expected to live through his first day, let alone 84 years. Isaac’s father passed away three months prior to his birth. Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England was a tiny village in the country. His father, Isaac Newton, was a farmer and his mother, Hannah Ayscough, was unemployed. In the near future, he would have two half-sisters, Mary Pikington and Hannah Barton, and one half-brother, Benjamin Smith. It is unknown if they were ever famous or not, other than being his sibling. When Isaac was three, he was sent to live with his grandmother when his mother remarried to Minister Barabas Smith. As a young child he liked to draw and paint all over the walls of his room. He loved sundials and making model windmills. When Isaac was twelve years old, he went to a grammar school named “The King’s School” in Grantham. It was not known if he had many friends. He spent a lot of time by himself. As a teenager, Isaac Newton threatened to burn his mother’s and step-father’s house down, due to the resentment of their (his parents) married life together. Isaac Newton did not see his mother until his mean stepfather passed away in 1653. After leaning grammar at “The King’s School” he attended Trinity College in Cambridge. He worked as a valet, a servant, and a waitress to pay for his education, but later got a scholarship. He graduated from Trinity with a Bachelor’s degree in 1665. But this was not the end of his learing career.

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Middle Years

Soon after Isaac Newton graduated, the plague known as the Great Plague or the Black Death came through, and halted his career at Trinity for two years. While the disease was spreading across the country, Issac Newton was at home working on his new theories involving, physics, math, astronomy, optics, and “The Three Laws of Motion”. After the plague was over, Isaac Newton had to become a member (professor) of Trinity College, in order to get his masters degree. Isaac Newton never married, or had kids.

Later Years

When in the position of the Warden of the Royal Mint, Isaac Newton changed the appearances of currency, specifically coins, in order to prevent counterfeiting (example: the modern-day quarter). He made reflecting lenses that were better than the refracting lenses for telescopes in that time period. Isaac Newton also invented Calculus, which we still use today. Isaac Newton was actually Sir Issaac Newton, because he was Knighted by Queen Anne. There were many great scientists that inspired this great mind, but there were two that stood out, and apart from the others; Kepler, and Galileo. Isaac Newton passed away in Kensington, London, United Kingdom, on March 31st, 1727, of natural causes.


He wrote books to share his ideas and theories to the rest of the world. We now better understand the world of science better due to his ingenious ideas, and proven theories.

Isaac Newton was one of the world’s brightest, and most unique mind that we may ever know. This brilliant man introduced us to new ideas in many areas and fields of science and religion. Despite all of his wonderful inventions and ideas, it was sad that he passed away as a grumpy, lonely, old man.

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