The Biography Of The Modern Artist Balthasar Klossowski De Rola

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Balthasar Klossowski de Rola otherwise known as Balthus was a Polish-french modern artist. He is known for his images of nude girls or women. The things he chose to capture made the people mad, but he was given credit for his dreamlike quality of his images. Throughout his career he always went against what the “art world” said was right. His mother was Baladine Klossowska and his father’s name was Erich Klossowski. Although they were both artists they were more known for being the parents of Balthus. In 1921 he was still a young boy but his drawings were published in the Mitsou. In the early 1930’s while traveling overseas he served in the Morocco army. After his military service he became dedicating himself to his artwork in his Paris studio. At this time Paris was home to some artistic expressions that have helped shape abstract contemporary art today. In Paris in 1934 his first exhibition was held and he made his debut into the artworld with a scandalous start.

Perhaps his best-known piece of art is the Guitar Lesson, published in 1934 it was one of his first pieces of art to use young girls expressing serious themes. In this time period even though the people were outraged with this piece of art he was surrounded with people constructing the same kind of work. No matter what you see or what the picture is giving off he always dedicated to giving his subjects respect. Balthus was included in a number of notable exhibitions, due to his influential artistic circle of people. In 1956 he held his first solo exhibition New York’s Museum of Modern Art, and by this time the people were more accepting to him. Around 1977 he moved to Switzerland and married his second wife, a Japanese artist that was 35 years younger than him. Together they had a son that died at a very early age.

Bathlus passed in 2001 but he still has some very popular artwork. Some of his most well important pieces of art was the Street, the Guitar Lesson as I mentioned before, and the Victim. The Street was published in 1933 and was one of the first large paintings he did, and it gives a clear view of a women escaping a rapist. The Guitar Lesson was in 1934 it was featuring a women playing a guitar but the guitar is a young girl, and got a big reaction from the people. The Victim was published in 1938, it is prevailing that the women is just totally out there sexually and in pain. While most disapprove of his artwork some still have been inspired by it and can see it in a different light. Tamara’s view of his paintings are that they are disturbing and she does not like the at all. I do agree they are disturbing, but I also understand his goal was to get a rouse out of people and it worked, and got talked about still to this day.

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