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Honey Bee Colonies and Their Foraging Patterns

The honey bees (Apis mellifera) are social insects, having high ecological and economical importance. They are generalist as species, but flower specialized on an individual level (Pankiw & Page, 2000). The species are naturally found in most of Europe, except the Azores and northern regions...

Conservation Efforts to Save the Common Honey Bee

The common honey bee (Apis mellifera) is used as a mascot for the general bee population, it has been the bee humanity has relied on for millennia. Due to its usefulness in agricultural, humans have spread the common honey bee far past its native home...

Preemptive Scheduling with Honey Bee Foraging

Extended bee algorithm utilizes divisible load scheduling theorem and follows honey bees’ foraging behavior. A new agent model is suggested to reduce network delay and to increase throughput. The authors have mapped the dancing floor of honey bees to the routing table in the network....

The Indigenous Species, Honey Bees, and Revaluation of Agricultural Practices

Introduction The honey bee, Apis Mellifera, and humans have done far more than just coexisted upon this tiny planet we call Earth. Inevitably, our relationship has intertwined our destinies and will have distinct impacts upon both throughout our continued existence on Earth. For almost as...

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