John Hughes As An Author Of The Breakfast Club

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John Hughes was an American screenwriter, film director and producer, and a well-regarded filmmaker. He started by writing jokes for comedians like Joan Rivers and Rodney Dangerfield. Eventually, he began writing screenplays for the National Lampoon magazine. After his hit screenplays, Class Reunion in 1982 which was soon followed by National Lampoon’s Vacation in 1983 became popular, he decided to take on writing, directing, and producing films that were centered around the youngsters and their way of life. His debut movie Sixteen Candles was released in 1984 and his iconic movie, The Breakfast Club in 1985.

John Hughes, known in full as John Wilden Hughes Jr was born on the 18th of February 1950. He was born in Lansing, Michigan to John Hughes Sr. and Marion Crawford. He was their first child and had three female siblings. Hughes moved a lot as a kid is why he was known as a shy quiet kid because he was never comfortable anywhere. Each time he began to get used to a place he was uprooted from his world. For the first twelve years of his life, he lived in Grosse point Michigan. By the time he turned 13 when he was in the seventh grade, his family moved to Northbrook, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. This is where Hughes attended Grove middle school and then Glenbrook North High School, from where he graduated. Glenbrook high was where he met his wife to be; Nancy Ludwig while painting homecoming murals. Hughes's family lived in the middle-class suburbs of Chicago, on the outskirts of a rich neighborhood. Chicago later became the setting for most of the films he made.

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After high school, Hughes attended the University of Arizona in Tucson and dropped out in his third year. Immediately after he began selling jokes to performers. He used these jokes to get a job as a copywriter in 1970 at Needham, Harper, and Steers. Later he wrote a story that was inspired by his travels as a child; Vacation 58. This gave him a spot at the National Lampoon’s magazine and the story later became a movie; National Lampoon's Vacation, which also led to various sequels. Hughes first credited screenplay was Class Reunion and then National Lampoon’s Vacation(which was a major hit) quickly followed by Mr. Mom. These earned him a three-film deal with universal pictures.

In 1984, Hughes’ directorial debut Sixteen Candles was loved by everyone. It received countless praises and did well at the box office. The fact that it depicted the real lifestyles of teenagers in the upper-middle-class suburbs was one of the main reasons for the love the film received. The film was the beginning of a string of teen-themed movies created by Hughes. It also led to the creation of Hughes's own production house. Some of these teen-themed movies are; The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Weird Science, Some kind of Wonderful and loads more.

In 1987, Hughes branched out from teen comedies and directed the hit film, Plains, Trains, and Automobiles. The movie starred Steve Martin and John Candy. Financially speaking Hughes's greatest success was Home Alone(1990). A film he wrote and produced himself about a young boy who accidentally was left behind by his family when they went for a Christmas vacation. The boy had to defend the home against two burglars. The movie was the top-grossing film that year and to date, it remains the most successful live-action family comedy of all time. The movie led to a couple of sequels. The last movie Hughes directed was Curly Sue. After that, he moved back to Chicago and away from the public eye.

Hughes was the first of four children and also the only boy. He was born to John Hughes Sr who worked in sales and Marion Crawford who volunteered in charity work. In 1970, Hughes married Nancy Ludwig and had two sons. John Hughes III(1976) and James Hughes(1979).

John Wilden Hughes Jr died from a heart attack on the morning of August 6 2009 while taking a walk near his hotel on West 55th street in Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA. The day before he had traveled down to New York to see his newborn grandson and his son James. He was said to have been in perfect health. His funeral was held on August 11 in Chicago at Lake Forest Cemetery. He was 59 years old.

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