The Inverse Ratio Between Greed And Personality

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People are the synthesis of natural and social relations. Inside a person always have good sides like generous, brave,... and bad sides such as greed, selfish... A good person will refrain from bad things to show his face well. Human personality is a collection of good sides and there is no place for greed. Greed is an excessive desire of human.Someone wants to become very prosperous. Some are desirous of having power and riches. Some want to earn name and fame. Some students get greedy to earn more and more knowledge. Some leaders have strong desires to win elections and get a place in the cabinet. Some families want to have an upper hand in the village. Some persons are greedy to learn more and more so that they may do something great. Some persons want to become rich and great overnight.

Humans, both male and female, are attracted to kindness. Greediness is is the fastest way to make others believe you are not kind. It exposes that you are afraid of loss and that you have too little confidence to believe you are capable of recovering from loss. Kindness is a demonstration of power, while greed is a demonstration of frailty.The use of greed in short stories 'Greed will always leave you dissatisfied because you'll never be able to get everything you desire. Greed never allows you to think you have enough; it always destroys you by making you strive ever harder for more.' Greedy people want to take everything even their own. For example, in many Asian countries people often keep birds in cages to let them sing, to watch them while drinking tea. They consider it seems a pleasure and imprisone wild birds as their own thing. No one wants to be in jail, nobody wants to be imprisoned. The bird is born with wings, it must fly freely but they forced him to lock up a small space.

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On the contrary, the kind person is the one who gives away and receives the joy from it.Kindness is the act of being considerate and helpful towards other people. Kindness is the key to changing the perception of people towards each other. It helps people to develop empathy towards other people. It is a good way to help students to understand the importance of empathy which can play a big role in establishing human relationships. Kindness is not only important in small communities. It can be a key element that is needed to unite different communities. Kindness is required in society as it helps to build societies. It can help to decrease the number of misunderstandings and create an environment with fewer conflicts. If you want to hear birds singing, you should buy the millet seeds and then feed them.Let the children see it and teach them how to love nature, love animals, so that they can be full of humanity and civilized people.

A person who possesses will lead to greed. Greed is inversely proportional to kindness. Personality = 1 / greed. Anyone who is greedy, even if he is good enough, will lose his mind because he runs after material world. He never feel satisfy with all of thing he has. The more greedy you are, the more bad you are. Greed is proportional to fear of losing. The more you are afraid, the more you lose, the more you try to keep. The more you try to keep, the more worried you are. Owning a car and a house, including a wive and children, when exceeding the number 1, makes people forever miserable. For example if you have two wives you are starting trouble, you have two or more children you have to share your love and possessions so that they will contradict each other in gaining inheritance, especially when married separately...

Greed will put a target on your back. Con-artists love greedy people. The most difficult thing about about any con is convincing someone that you are not offering them something that is too good to be true. Con-artists will go to great lengths to make their ruse look a little less appealing with some minor ‘fly in the ointment’ to create the illusion that it is not too good to be true. Greedy people, by their very nature, are always looking for something that is too good to be true. They advertise the fact that they are looking for the perfect situation that most us know to avoid. This makes them easy targets for con-artists.

Greediness can produce illegal and unethical actions, making it bad for your well being. Greed affects your thinking and perceptions of other people as it puts you on a spot where you think that ot is right to take more than you deserve and to you people as if they are only means to an end. Greediness can make you unhappy when you are using everyone around you and have nobody to love you. Money is not everything in this world and to help a good life you also need the love.

In conclusion, to improve your personality, you should connect to people around youself, share their feeling. If you are talent, you should create jobs for other and accomplishments for life, donate for social charity, not for the enjoyment of individuals and your families. You try not to take anything from nature. Do not destroy the forest, do not dig mines, do not stop the river from making hydroelectricity, do not catch the fish or the birds of the sky in cages...

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