Three Lives and Greed: Phases of This Vile Emotion and Aftermath

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The book Three lives has a lot of meanings and themes throughout the entire book. There are three parts to this book, with three different parts of the story. The first part of the story is followed by Anna Federner a German woman whose whole life goal is to help others for full their life. She is a servant, but it doesn’t fully satisfy her need to take care. She helps anything that is in need she helps stray cats and dogs, works harder than any other servant. She adores the people she works for but she isn’t a pushover she scolds them when she gets the chance. She is always there for her friends whatever they need she gets it. If it’s just a time to sit down and talk she makes time. Anna is extremely outgoing for her friends like in the story she does anything for friends but she isn’t not very found of her family not affectionate towards her family at all. Anna’s altruism is unreal. Towards the end of part one, all of her saving are given away to her friends and her friends use them for their advantages. At the brim end she starts a boarding house, but she charges her roomer so little that she can’t meet the end pay. She works herself to death in the end of the story, for her stops having even short periods of rest. Her old friend Mes. Drehten informs Miss Mathilda. The women that Anna worked most her life for about the death of Anna. Miss Mathilda was very devastated that Anna has passed away, she regrets everything she ever had Anna do while she worked for her she goes into a type of depression that’s not a deep depression but it’s not a short depression. It comes and goes for the rest of her life she’s never fully down, but she’s never fully uplifting.

The second part of the story is about a young black women her, name is Melanctcha. In spite of the fact that she is educated and very beautiful, she is failing in life to find happiness and the dreams she had a little kid isn’t coming true at all. She is living a good life no problems nothing bad is happening to her she is struggling with what most people struggle with now a days which is depression. Melanctcha has been dealing with it since childhood. She used to hate her father and mother for some unknown reason and she never missed any chance in her life to fight with her mom and dad. However through all that fighting she has never left her mother behind she doesn’t leave her mom and never leaves her in need she takes care of her every will anything she needs. Her mom fell ill and the depression becomes stronger and stronger every day. Her thought of suicide becomes stronger and it never leaves her mind while the period of blue mood becomes longer and longer with time. The last straw towards her depression is when her friend betrays her and stabs her in the back. This is what pushes Melanctcha over the edge and she takes her life by hanging herself. Depression put an end to Melanctcha life. She ends of dying before her mom does of tuberculosis her mom ends up giving up on life and dies alone in her bed. No one ever knows where the dad of Melanctcha went he left when Melanctcha was able to take care of herself.

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The last part of the story reveals a short and not particulate life of a young female named Lena she relates a lot to Anna the girl is a German origin and works as a servant. Later on in the story she meets Herman and becomes his wife. Which is different from every other part of the book neither of the other two girls Anna nor Melanctcha get close to getting a loving husband. But towards half way through their marriage is becomes a failing marriage and she becomes even more passive and silent in her life becomes more depressing. Even through the bad part of the marriage she is able to bring three kids into the world but she tried to have a fourth and it didn’t end up so well. Both Lena and the child die during the birth of the kid. Which brings the kids life down but Hermen isn’t hurt by the death of his wife at all. He is fully content with his life, he had three wonderful kids plus he was never in love Enough with her to grieve.

The book three life’s is a reminder that self cognition is one of the most important things in our life’s. The main characters of the book didn’t have any self cognition in their life to live long then they did. All the people in this book died at a low life in their life none of them died during a high of their lives. If they had what they wanted in life and didn’t suffer with depression they would definitely have happier lives and less disappointment. They all knew what they wanted in life and they were never able to for fill what they wanted. This books theme is almost all about depression because every single main character in this book suffered depression which where all different reasons but all of their depression kept them from having the dream life they wanted. Melanctcha was a perfect example of he destructive effect depression has a on a person. Neither her beauty nor her sharp mind would make her happy through her time of depression. It’s almost impossible for a person to live a full life and suffer from depression at the same time. Melanctcha fails the fight with depression their is no one in her life to help her fight with her depression to help her fight for her life. The betrayal from her friend becomes the last straw. There’s a little theme of selfishness because Anna gave up all her savings and hard earned money for her friends. Even though her friends didn’t give her anything back as long as they where happy she was happy.

The author’s style through this whole book was very depressing all book long was very informative in some aspects of the book. It is very obvious that Anna is a very outgoing person through the whole book. She is very heavy on showing how women’s life’s are happening in the old days because all three parts of the story are about women and how their life’s went to hell and fast. The book is mostly about depression and greed. Every main character in this book suffers from depression and some greed. Not so much greed because Anna friends have greed because they use all her money she gives to them for themselves and not her. She writes this book like she had all these certain things happen to her through her life that’s my opinion on how she writes each part of this book. The book is very interesting she could have wrote it a little better in the aspect where it doesn’t really tell us much on what happens to the friends after each person dies. That’s also another thing the book has a lot of aspects of death through the entire story. Every single main character dies while suffering from depression and they aren’t able to live there life to the fullest ability. The all have big dreams but they are cut short because they also didn’t have enough self esteem in their self. The book is very detailed in how their depression destroys each other lives. Some of the side characters don’t even care after the death of the main character, overall it was a very good read.

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