Is Global Warming Real: How the World is Suffering at Human Hands

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Through the entire history, there are many evidence that the climate of the earth changes a lot. Especially, global warming is one of the serious problems. So is global warming real? This argumentative essay seeks to define what global warming is and whether there are good sides. Many tests of various studies strongly suggested the importance of global warming with multiple adverse effects on environmental conditions and all ecosystems on the Earth.

The article 'Effects of global warming' written with the useful resource sheds light on what global warming issues are in general, its primary causes and signs of global warming. Similarly, 'What is global warming' article by Christina Nunez tries to make more clear out our understanding of these changes and how they originated. Additionally, 'Some whales like global warming just fine' by Ari Friedlaender (an ecologist with Oregon State University's Marine Mammal Institute) answers our questions on how global warming can be beneficial for some species.

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Global warming is affecting disastrously too many spheres of our planet over more than hundreds of years. Since 1906 rise of temperature has been melting groceries, destroying forests and making animals move. Human stands on the top as the cause of this problem by various activities, however, mostly by heat trapping gases that we produce . We are damaging our environment even more than the past centuries. 'Levels are higher now then at any time in the last 800,000 years' as Christina Nunez stated.

Temperature is mostly affecting at the earth's poles. Amount of glacier has reduced (fewer than 30 for more than 150 in 1910). As a consequence, melting ice contributes to sea level rise (rising 0.31 inches a year). Another serious effect of this event is spreading diseases like malaria or Zika virus which occurred in 2016. What is more, global warming is impacting on wildlife and their habitats. Some types of animals like white bears, Adelia penguin, butterflies, foxes, alpine plants in Antarctica are suffering and trying to move cooler places. Some of them are adaptable, however, some types like white bears might go extinction as they cannot adapt easily. In fact, Adelie Pinguin collapsed by 90%.

However, this type of climate change can be a good opportunity for some types of whales breeding. Humpbacks and bowheads are benefiting as this change of weather is making thier prays a way more accessible, according to the researchs of Ari Friedlaender. 'The humpback population has been recovering ever since commercial hunting was banned in 1966. But the whales are also being helped by another factor: climate change' claims Isabelle Groc.

Also, oceans absorb most of the excess heat that is caused due to increased greenhouse gas emissions which have caused an increase in ocean temperatures. The increase in ocean temperatures affect ecosystems, coral bleaching, and loss of breeding ground. Coral reefs are one of the most diverse ecosystems on earth. They support many different types of marine animals, such as sea urchins, sea stars, fish, sharks, octopus, and many more types of animals. They not only provide food, but they provide protection and shelter to a diverse group of marine animals. With the continued rise in the ocean's temperatures, which can lead to coral bleaching, it puts all of the marine animals that call the reefs home in danger of losing their homes. When marine life loses their homes, it is not like humans that simply move to a different area or rebuild their homes, once they lose their homes, there is no rebuilding anytime soon. Corals grow at a very slow rate, and it can take a reef hundreds of years to grow to a point of being able to sustain an ecosystem.

To sum up: global warming is real, in this essay we have noticed that it is an issue that not only humans but also wild animals and habitats are actually facing, and the ones causing these problems are humans. This is almost complete disaster for many types except whales. Anyway, these changes might be even more harmful in the near future. Many people do believe that global warming real and the things that humans are doing to the environment are causing a rise in temperature and greater emissions of greenhouse gases which is causing the slow destruction of our planet. These are the people that are trying to find ways to slow down and possibly reverse some of the damage that has already been done. They are looking for alternative sources of energy. There are trying to leave smaller carbon footprints. They are trying to leave the planet better for future generations. Some think that global warming is a myth and they do not want to see the destruction that is being caused. They are not thinking how our actions today and how we treat the planet today is going to have an impact on the earth that we leave to future generations. We all must work together to slow down emissions or find alternative fuel sources and leave the world better for future generations.

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