The Dark Side of Science: The Inhumane Practice of Animal Testing

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In this scientific age, animal testing does not sound strange. From different types of drugs to a wide range of vaccines, most vaccines are first tested on animals, regardless of their toxicity and adverse reactions, the purpose is to check safety. It is cruel and inhumane to keep animals away from nature for experimental and testing purposes and to isolate animals artificially.

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Imagine replacing animals. This sounds like a deadly nightmare. Although human beings are supreme, nobility does not mean God. Every year, more than 110 million animals die in the laboratory, including rabbits, monkeys, fish and birds. As long as scientists create a drug that can achieve 90-95% of its effectiveness, most of the time it will not pass animal tests, causing animals to bite dust. 79% of countries do not even have laws related to animal testing, which allows scientists to put aside any type of experiment regardless of any cruel experiment. Animal testing is simply unnecessary, unethical, wasteful and too expensive. Some animal tests can take months or even years to perform and analyze, and their costs can range from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. In a rodent cancer research experiment, this took 4 to 5 years and cost US $ 2 to 4 million, and even the results were inaccurate.

Animals are neither human nor human, and although they all suffer from certain diseases, most animals are completely different. Animal testing is not worth it at all, because in 92-95% of cases, certain drugs that pass animal testing cannot pass human testing. He found that a Vioxx drug can effectively treat heart disease in mice and can cause heart attacks in humans. In 2006, in London, a TGN1412 drug test was performed on monkeys; it passed, but when tested in humans, it caused organ failure and brain inflammation, but it passed the animal test.

Animal testing is absolutely unethical and there is no reason to keep animals out of their natural habitat for testing and experimentation. In the laboratory, the animals were frightened, exposed to toxic gases, and starved of food. What kind of experiment is this? It is painful? Various painful surgeries and operations were performed on animals in the laboratory, including the most painful skull surgery, without the use of pain relievers. To save lives, a large number of animals were sacrificed. This is cruel, nothing more.

There are many options for animal experimentation, including cell and tissue culture, computer models, or 3D models. Research with volunteers should be promoted, because technological advances allow the development of advanced scanners and recording technologies that can be used to study human volunteers safely without any security risk. In fact, non-animal methods are also more accurate, time saving, and cheaper. Although human beings are very advanced and superior, 'reaching excellence does not mean becoming God', but they cannot do anything they want freely for their own benefit. They quarantined the animals, conducted cruel experiments on them, and killed them after completing the experiments, which is extremely intolerable. Hundreds of animals died to save lives. How can these deaths be justified? Painful and dangerous experiments were performed on animals as if they had no emotion or pain. Isn't this human cruelty and inhumanity? Imagine replacing animals.

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