An Ethical Study On Whether Animals Should Have Rights

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The study of animal models and comparing them with Homo sapiens is key to science and in this case for medicine as it provides key information about the disease evolution, if there is any relation between the two species, to find a cure for it and etcetera. Experimentation in animals for scientific purposes is justified as there is a big importance to know more about diseases, syndromes, disorders or illnesses. By this practice, there has been a tremendous improvement for medical science with very satisfactory results for humans but nowadays is a controversial topic as there are two sides, the ones who believe that is a torture process for animals as it is considered to be inhumane to treat them just as “machines” and without caring about them which are the animal rights activists, or on the other hand, the people that are pro-experimentation who justify that this process is important to find solutions and by the animal testing is the right way to find them. As science has progressed and technology too, there has been an implementation of other methods which don’t harm animals life’s which should be more encouraged as they are living beings we need to care about them and don't treat them as objects that you can find on your daily basis and without thinking about what they would feel when exposed to this scientific methods. Why couldn't we try medicines on humans? 

The majority of people think that human life is much important than an animal's one so it's a moral and ethical debate if humans should be the ones who should be tested. As by evolution theories, a scientist has found out that the human body is similar to the animals and has made this type of experimentation a proven technique. The animal population is decreasing drastically and the extinction of them is also an important fact. We need to be responsible for the preservation of their existence and to protect them, for this, governments play an important role as they are the ones who implement laws and have the power to be against or in favor of these practices. In recent years, there has been a creation of policies to protect and ensure animal rights and with the social media spread out, the awareness of this has to be abundant with each day, more people in favor of quitting this practices. With the growing trend of using animals for testing also the debate of the animals rights as said before is increasing because it seems that the life of a human is more valuable than an animal's ridiculous one, animals have no rights and no voice which leads to an impossible claim to defend themselves of being treated in harmful ways so there is said that there is nothing wrong with experimentation with them. Pain and suffering are the ambient in which they live, there is not an assurance that the test on a specific animal will have positive results so they, either way, are exposed to an unfair world with a lethal ambient.

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