The For And Against Of Stopping The Drug Testing On Animals

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Dear society, decades ago, Nazis performed medical research on their prisoners. Western medicine then came up with a new way to continue their research before any more people could be exposed to new drugs or treatments. Since then we’ve stepped back from human trials, but are our new solution, animal testing, really better?

We all have different feeling for animals. Some of us sees them as companions while other sees them as a tool for advancing medical techniques and experimental research. The fact that animals are being used by research facilities remains.

The pain, suffering and deaths are not worth the human benefits. But there are still other ways to continue the scientific research within medical terms.

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Firstly, just because we want to make our lives better doesn’t mean we have the right to torture animals instead. Experimental animals are tortured to death because of testing that only benefit ourselves. When it comes to participating in these dangerous experiments the animals aren’t given a choice. They are never given the option to say “no” to these experiments that could be both extremely painful but also lead to permanent damage or death.

By not giving them a choice, we automatically take their rights away from them. And by second thought, who gives us the right to do that and decide what creatures have the right to live.

Secondly, the testing of the products is in most cases completely unnecessary since there are other available alternatives. Many cosmetic companies, for example, have come up with better ways to test their products without any animals being harmed.

Scientists have over the year managed to develop a synthetic cellular tissue that closely resembles human skin. With this piece of “skin” scientists can test their products and seethe potential damage without hurting any living creature.

However, there are still people who believe that animals have a lower value according to the fact that they neither have the ability to understand or speak up about their rights. Apparently, this is the reason these people believe animals have no rights. Some individuals use the argument that it’s okay to the animals’ rights just because they are lower than us in the nutritional chain.

Just because we find ourselves one step higher in the nutritional chain doesn’t mean the animals are lower on the evolutionary chart. Especially since animals resemble humans in so many ways. We both feel the same pain and they can also think and experience the pain. So, on second thought, are we really better than Nazis or are we still doing the same thing? 

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