The Morality Of Animals Participating And Being Used In Research

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The world is globalized now. The living quality enhances by leaps and bounds. For instance, people have advanced technology. Residents can purchase what they want easily on their cell phones, citizens are able to buy a great number of daily necessities like home appliances, vehicles. Comparatively, a serious phenomenon occurs, which the number of animals is becoming smaller. Somehow people’s life is influenced. Even nowadays, a great number of scientists use animals for experiments. For the ethical issue, animals should be protected instead of using to do experiments.

Animals are innocent, and if scientists always utilize animals for experiments, the ecosystem would be broken. As scientists want to use animals to boost the living quality of human-being, animals are almost extinct. People might not comprehend which animals are extinct, they use for investigation. Nevertheless, animals would not trust human anymore. Different species of animals would not be in solidarity or cooperative. They might fight with each other. In nature, we have the biological chain. People use animals for experiments would break the chain, and even aggravate the circumstance. Animals might not evolve. They would be fatigue or get hurt easily. Scientists might become ambitious. If their conclusion of the investigation is appropriate and exaggerated, the might want to try some more, to substantiate what they conclude. For instance, the world has a great number of species. Reptiles, mammals, rodents, amphibians, aquatics. Although people’s life is improving, animals have poor conditions.

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The atmosphere of society would become worse, like a great number of conflicts between different religions. Some people believe religions, like Buddhism, Christian. Some of them are vegetarian. They think animals are sacred, humans should not eat or sacrifice them. As usual, residents need to respect and regard those people who still respect animals, but society became chaotic, disordered, confused. Actually, that would increase the burden of the government to control such phenomena. People might have a protest. People who do not have a religion might discriminate those people who disagree with using animals for experiments. They might think these people are superstition. Anyway, animals should be protected because human and animals have an equivalent hierarchy. Even BBC, the contemporary news, states “ The consequentialist justification of animal experimentation can be demonstrated by comparing the moral consequences of doing or not doing an experiment” (BBC 2014). Because animals are innocent, like some moral and legal citizens. Nowadays, humans still need to care about animals’ liberty and freedom. Scientists might have to find a great ways to substitute using animals for experiments one day.

Rural areas are becoming poorer because of the deficiency to cultivate vegetations by animals. People rely on animals to plow and cultivate fields or terraces, nonetheless, as the number of animals is decreasing, the tendency shows that agriculture would become worse. For instance, Farmers are lack of domesticated animals. People couldn’t get enough crops, grains, cereals. They might have serious famine, even money deficiency. Farmers are more tired than before, they cannot have more free time. The society would face serious agriculture financial issue. The bad consequence might sprawl wider and even impact the economy of the country. Nowadays, the metropolis manipulates the financial section, to trade with other cities, countries. The preponderance of agriculture is the advantage of living in the suburb. On the other hand, if agriculture diminishes the products, the rural area would become poorer and cannot catch up on the tendency of the world.

Comparatively, people might find better ways to adjust the methods to provide animals better shelters basic on their features. The harvest they get might larger than those they hurt. On the other hand, as scientists are finding ways to help that animal, the number of animals is decreasing. Animals cannot pursue to be in solidarity between different species of animals. Even they would not trust human anymore. nevertheless, there is still a category of perspective, scientists would some concepts corresponding to those similar to human, people would enhance their quality to live as well. Some people think the perspective is ridiculous, human and animals are different t organisms in the world. The living atmosphere is different. For instance, a man lives in metropolis. Not the other hand, animals live in the forests or even some of them would be raised by humans.

Basically, there would be a great number of bad consequences. For instance, the ecosystem would be broken. The society would be chaos, the agriculture would have a deficient issue. Therefore, If people pursue to sacrifice animals, the result would be astounding and horrible, the living quality would, nevertheless, decrease as people cannot imagine. The disparity between megalopolis and rural areas. 

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