Elimination of Global Warming as a Priority Mission of Every Country

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Global warming is a major concern that is destroying our planet in many aspects. It causes several extreme weather events including storms, hurricanes, drought, and flooding to happen more frequently and intensely. The warmer climate significantly changes habitat and hence pushes many species of plants and animals in danger of extinction. Additionally, the human is facing with more polluted environment, more illnesses, and more deaths because of climate changes. In this persuasive essay about global warming I state that people should take various courses of actions of raising society’s awareness, using renewable energies, reducing waste energies, and improving sustainable transportation habits to mitigate the consequences of global warming. Humans are responsible for climate change and global warming. So it should be our goal to solve these negative outcomes. 

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Increasing perception about the global response to climate changes it is an important element to make a cleaner environment. Generally, people will not take actions seriously if they do not recognize the problems. According to a Public Matters survey conducted online in the summer of 2017, with 3,177 adults taking part, 77 percent of the respondents said it was important that students learn about global warming and climate change. In order to enhance awareness about global warming, education is definitely a great tool. Schools should educate students (especially girls) not only subjects that prepare them for future careers but also knowledge for them to become socially responsible citizens. Women’s knowledge of environment plays a significant role because they are main decision-makers in the usage of water, cooking, home heating, which contribute considerably to gases emission. Therefore, educated women can access and share the skills and knowledge necessary to minimize the impact of resource constraints and climate change. Along with the education, we should take advantage of social media to send constant messages about global warming to our community. Social media channels like Facebook and Instagram are low-cost but effective communication means. It will extend the problems of environment to public, raising people’s understanding about changes in global environment. More importantly, social media will become an essential tool for everyone to participate in decisions that can create positive effects to the environment. Additionally, citizens should encourage government enact new laws to limit the carbon emissions. Imposing higher tax on household or factories for pollution they produce is an example of a good idea that citizens can communicate with their political parties. Another effective way is to organize environmentalists into groups to make necessary influences on government to support group’s concerns about pollution. The more governmental parties involve in environment; the higher level of consciousness people get. All these proposals will help people better understand the harmful effects of global warming and therefore encourage people to change their attitudes in environmental protection. It is conclusive that raising public awareness about global warming is one of the most effective ways to improve our environment.

The next crucial action to reduce the effects of the warmer climate is that people should covert to renewable energies. Currently the dominant source of energy comes from fossil fuels including petroleum, natural gas and coal. However, it is fossil fuel which is the leading element heating the earth and causing a high rate of pollution. Switching fossil fuels to alternative friendly energies is a trending solution that is widely recommended by environmental experts. Firstly, it is encouraged that electricity producers change to use renewable energies. Increasing renewable energy supply will allow replacement of energy sources with high carbon content and significantly lessen issues caused by global warming. Renewable energies such as wind, solar and hydro systems generate electricity without emitting air pollution. At present, using of solar energy is considered as a form of easily renewable energy and hence it is the best available replacement for other sources of energy that have a greater impact on the environment. It brings many benefits in converting renewable energy, such as improving air quality and public health, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and saving money. Besides electricity companies, individuals are able to contribute to environmental improvement through buying labeled “Energy Star” electrical appliances, which are products that meet certain authorized guidelines for energy efficiency. To be qualified for the Energy Star, a product must meet the energy efficiency guidelines set by the United State Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Energy (DOE). By reading the “Energy Star” ratings and energy guide labels, buyers can quickly find the energy-efficient appliances they need. These products help save energy in daily activities; therefore, it reduces effects of climate change and promotes better air quality. It is so apparent that renewable energy, a perfect substitution for current polluted energy, will significantly support the mission for a cleaner and healthier planet.  

Overall, during last few decades the negative effects of global warming has become so serious that eliminating them is a prioritized mission in every nation of the world. There have been a great number of researches and studies from climate experts to discover true reasons leading to global warming. It is concluded that increasing greenhouse gases is mainly responsible for warmer temperature. More importantly, enormous gases emission come from a variety of human activities such as massive forest destruction, industrial processes, fossil fuels used for cars, factories and power plants. It is obvious that people should adjust their activities in order to improve environmental conditions. 

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