Overview Of The Savanna Biome

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The Savanna or “Savannah” (depends on what region you’re in) is a very dry and barren land. The vegetation is very sparse and dry colored with little to absolutely no rain fall whatsoever. In specific a widely known savanna is known to be in the continent of Africa.

Even though it can be a dry place, it’s also where you can see a lot of animals imaginable! It’s even had a movie (The Lion King) main setting set in the Savanna! Even though the savanna is a dry yet beautiful place, there are elements threatening to destroy its existence. Because of little to no rain, a serious drought and grazing (over working the land) has had a very serious and damaging effect on this biome to where it produces inedible vegetation. Human Activities has also played an effect in the perseverance of the Savanna. Smugglers come into the biome and attack trees called “African Blackwood” because of its color and sell it into carvings or furniture online illegally to other people. Not only that but also hurt animals like the “black rhino” and “elephant” for their tusks and sell them online to black marketers for money, putting the wildlife of the savanna at risk. Wildlife in savanna has no limit, there’s any and every animal there! Lions, cheetahs, gazelles, giraffes, hyenas, antelopes, flamingoes, wild boars, elephants, zebras. The list is endless to organisms that live there. Ostriches, antelopes, etc. Also organisms aren’t just labeled as animals, they can be producers like the sun, grass, and trees that help feed the primary producers, and those feed the secondary producers, to the bacteria and decomposers. Just like a whole feed web chain.

Interactions of the wildlife can vary. If each animal has a group like herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores then they stay to that certain group and maintain the peace. But if you have seen NatGeoWild, then we know that that’s not always the case. Of course you have your mammals that eat other mammals to survive. Example the lions can eat zebras, antelopes, etc. to survive. In reality, you have to stay with your pack to survive because it is an eat or be eaten biome. To protect this biome and preserve its natural beauty from further damage, I feel it’s best that humans just leave the habitat alone and let nature be nature. When humans get involved with trying to protect things, it doesn’t always go well. Even though there are true die hard “go green people” human involvement isn’t always the best option. But if i had to say how to help out the biome, humans can stop the overgrazing and black marketing of tusk and African blackwood. And try to provide more trees for edible food to mammals that are herbivores.

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