How Deforestation Has Become a Real Problem

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Can you imagine our planet without rainforests? I'm pretty sure many of you ask this question daily. Deforestation is the cutting of the forest so the land and the wood can be used for various needs. Scientists believe that deforestation is a very dangerous factor that will impact our planet in the future. Research proves that deforestation causes multiple problems like global warming, erosion, and habitat loss. Deforestation is a major environmental issue and in this persuasive essay I want rise your awareness about the devastating effects of deforestation on our planet. As deforestation is a big problem threatening our ecosystem, and we need to solve this problem before it is too late.

Deforestation is one of the main reasons for global warming because the rainforest plays a big role in regulating the climate. The trees help cool the weather and add humidity to the atmosphere. Also, it's well known that forests are the earth’s lungs because they absorb huge amounts of CO2, which helps in keeping the climate humid. The forests account for 30% of the globe's land, and losing them will cause the land to drought and the weather to get warmer. 

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Forests help hold the soil together in place. If we lose the forests, the soil can be washed away down the slopes due to heavy rain. On the other hand, once the agricultural plants replace the forest, they will have problems holding the soil due to a lack of trees, which will make the erosion worse.

The forest's habitats are affected the most by deforestation. Why? Because once the trees are lost, the inhabitants will lose their homes and disappear. The habitats will not have enough food to survive. Also, forcing the animals to stay in smaller areas will create a natural imbalance and, as a result, we will lose them.

Thankfully, the people of this planet have started to take action to stop the deforestation before it is too late. They started forest restoration projects by planting new trees and creating big forests using empty lands or old lands that used to have forests in the past. We need to practice 'reducing, reusing, and recycling' of paper products. Using second hand furniture is a great solution as well. Finally, recycling is an important habit that will help if we can apply it on a daily basis.

In conclusion to this persuasive essay about deforestation, it is a universal problem that is putting our planet in danger. In order to solve this problem, the whole universe needs to work as one team. Nowadays, many people are trying to preserve the forests by using various techniques like avoiding cutting the forests, planting new trees on empty lands, using second hand furniture, reducing paper product usage, using second hand furniture, and lastly, promoting recycling. 'Tropical forest loss and fragmentation is a global threat to biodiversity, and many vertebrate species are at risk of extinction from human activities,' said Brian Klingbeil of Auburn’s School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences. I believe we need to get very serious about the deforestation problem. A lot of damage has already occurred, but if we work as a team, we still have hope of saving our forests and planet. 

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