The Devastating Impact of Deforestation: An Argument for Conservation

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Deforestation is a problem that affects our planet and therefore all of us who inhabit it, from the largest to the microscopic, are all affected if we talk about deforestation. is there anything we can do about it? For a long time, people have been avoiding this issue therefore very few measures have been taken with such an obvious problem. Long-term deforestation can become the cause of our extinction. The forest is home to many animals besides being one of our sources for the natural purification of the air. Man is not only the cause of deforestation, but natural disasters have also had an influence, but man is the only continent capable of helping. Studies show that it is possible to combat deforestation and that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to that cause within reach. A single person cannot, but if we all unite, victory is certain in this battle. This deforestation argumentative essay can help raise awareness about the destructive effects of human activities on the environment. Let's save our planet!

Forests continue to cover approximately 30% of the world's land surface, but they are also disappearing at an alarming rate. Since humans began cutting down trees, 46 percent of the world's trees have been lost. According to the World Bank, the world lost 502,000 square miles (1.3 million square kilometers) of forest between 1990 and 2016. Farming, livestock grazing, mining, and drilling account for more than half of all deforestation. After decades of severe deforestation, the rate of forest loss slowed down between 2004 and 2012, mostly due to Forest Code. Although the numbers are discouraging, many conservationists feel there are reasons to be positive. Established forest habitats are being preserved, and lost tree cover is being restored. On the other hand, many people might be reluctant to this fact since they believe that they cannot stop cutting down trees because they need to produce paper and create new furniture for the development of the country's economy. If they stop or reduce wood production, it would be a great loss, and planting new trees would cause a lot of expense for the country as well. This is utterly absurd since If we only reduced the felling of trees by 10%, we would have already greatly reduced afforestation, not to mention that with the felling of trees many animals are left homeless, pollution becomes greater, and the natural purification of the environment does not occur without counting that you can look for similar things to replace the material of the furniture and the paper. In terms of climate change, cutting trees both adds carbon dioxide to the air and removes the ability to absorb existing carbon dioxide. 

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Argumentative Solutions to Solve the Problem of Deforestation

We can start makeing changes at the organizational level. For example reforestation is the focus of One Tree Planted. Their business model is simple: they plant one tree for every dollar they get. In addition to this, they work to expand reforestation education, awareness, public participation, science, innovation, leadership, and community-based initiatives. The Rainforest Action Network focuses on exposing companies that are complicit in deforestation, either directly or indirectly. Combating deforestation and limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees are two of their key priorities. They seek to end corporate contributions to deforestation by naming and engaging major deforestation-supporting businesses, as well as launching public awareness campaigns. Many companies are launching campaigns to ensure that their services do not lead to deforestation in response to environmental organizations such as Greenpeace and informed consumers. Global companies are enacting environmental policies that protect animals, humans, and the climate by committing to zero deforestation initiatives. A movement is underway to preserve existing forest ecosystems and restore lost tree cover. 

Reforestation is the process of adding more trees to an existing forest, while afforestation is the process of planting new trees. Forests have been under pressure as a result of increased demand for tree products, resulting in deforestation. By offering an alternative supply of tree products, afforestation helps in the reduction of pressure on natural forests. The majority of the time, it is done for profit. Afforestation helps organizations to plant the kinds of vegetation that are in demand, allowing for faster tree growth. For example, the introduction of new tree supplies will help stabilize the cottage industry, resulting in stable prices and company reliability. In certain situations, planting trees in a barren field is more effective than planting trees in a degraded or depleting forest. Planting trees in degraded or recovering forests aids in the restoration of the environment, while planting trees in barren land aids in the development of a new ecosystem. Planting trees on previously unproductive land ensures that important goods continue to be available. New forests provide fodder, vegetables, firewood, and other important resources to the community. Afforestation not only makes resources available but also guarantees that they are sustainable in the future. The planet cannot sustain life without clean water. Humans and animals also depend on clean water to survive, so the watershed must be protected. While the majority of efforts are focused on preserving existing watersheds, afforestation is important in the development of new watersheds. Forested areas have many water sources, while non-forested areas depend mostly on floodwater management. Afforestation in arid and semiarid areas will help enhance the watershed. Rainfall in the area is supported by trees. Trees also increase the groundwater water table by ensuring that water is best kept in the soil. In an age where administrators and politicians are focusing their attention on saving indigenous forests, afforestation is a compelling solution for reducing overuse and degradation of natural forests. Additionally, it spreads the advantages of trees and woods to desert fields, resulting in regional economic development.

What are the benefits of deforestation? These trees are being cut down for a variety of purposes, one of which is to make space for expansion. Things like economy-stimulating enterprises and enhanced road networks can be developed with all of the free areas provided by deforestation. When forests are present on lands that could be used for human habitation, their removal will result in more livable space. They can be used to make good paper and many other essentials, from the saps to the plants. It is possible to use the land for agricultural purposes. If we consider it, huge areas of the forest around the world go unused, while they could be turned into more active agricultural sites, feeding hundreds or even thousands of hungry people. People who work in forest clearing usually have no other employment choices, so deforestation provides staff with the financial capital they need to support their families on a daily basis. Workers can settle down and develop a farm, plantation, or industry sector once a forested area has been cleared, which can help keep income flowing.


In terms of climate change, cutting trees both adds carbon dioxide to the air and removes the ability to absorb existing carbon dioxide. To expand the population, it is not necessary to cut trees, there are many free areas that are not forests and that can be used to expand industries and development. Things that come from trees such as paper, furniture, boards, cardboard, among others, can be created from another material and thus avoid cutting them down. The people who benefit by gaining jobs with the felling of trees could also benefit from the sowing since it is a very similar process and that workers recipe, in addition to the fact that the natural areas that become reserves must be maintained by man, thus creating even more jobs.

Plants and trees are important in maintaining the planet's habitability. The statements mentioned above can also be used to write about deforestation in an argumentative essay for kids. Deforestation would have a devastating effect on the climate. While there are many advantages of using it, there are also dangers to be aware of. Many deforestation activities are primarily concerned with short-term benefits, disregarding long-term threats and consequences. Deforestation could permanently eliminate the opportunity to discover something that could help the human race in the coming years, and the cure for a large number of devastating illnesses may be found in forest areas right now. A study found that every 20 minutes, an area the size of 20 football fields is lost! Given this risk, we can do more research into what we can do to help slow down this destructive process. Hopefully, and with luck, people are no longer ignoring this problem that haunts us and tries to contribute together to fight deforestation together.

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