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Why Is Climate Change Important

Imagine seeing your beloved city underwater because of all the damages our world is going through. Sea levels have risen at extreme pace. Ice sheets, glaciers and polar ice caps are melting and they are causing catastrophic things to our world. The community should really...

Greenhouse Gases and One's Carbon Footprint

Greenhouse gases (GHG) have become an area of concern throughout the world. GHG are gases that trap heat in our atmosphere. There are four main gases that do this with carbon dioxide (CO2) being the most prevalent. Every living thing on the planet contributes to...

Carbon Cycle and the Influence of Humanity on Environment

Introduction What is carbon cycle? Everyone knows it. Basically carbon cycle is the cycle of gas called carbon dioxide from biological activities on earth by human and other living matter into the atmosphere and back to environment. Carbon is one of the important elements on...

Impact of Carbon Dioxide Capturing and Storage on Climate Change 

With the global temperature steadily increasing and climate change becoming more visible, humankind sets out to find a solution for this impending problem. In the recent years, scientists introduced a new technology, carbon dioxide capturing and storage, with the aim of reducing negative impact of...

Identifying the Impact of Extreme pH Conditions on CO2 Production

Abstract The objective of this experiment was to see how extreme pH conditions effect CO2 production. The pH values of 1 and 13 were chosen to be tested on two samples of 10g of germinating mung beans. The beans were soaked then rinsed to not...

Alternative Fuels And New Vehicle Technologies

Introduction This report aims to provide a comprehensive insight into the alternative fuel options for buses as well as a providing a development strategy for the company to move forward into a sustainable future. Considerations are also taken to keep costs in mind and to...

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