Why Is Climate Change Important

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Imagine seeing your beloved city underwater because of all the damages our world is going through. Sea levels have risen at extreme pace. Ice sheets, glaciers and polar ice caps are melting and they are causing catastrophic things to our world. The community should really take climate change into consideration and make a change to help the environment and human population last longer. Climate change should be the president's main political concern. Entire landscapes are being destroyed and human health and animals are in danger.

Some regions are experiencing extreme precipitation and others are in drought ; this is causing wildfires. California is an example of drought. They have experienced severe wildfires in the past years. Although California’s wildfires are natural they have increased on how many days they last. They are lasting longer because climate change is making California hotter and its becoming drier. According to an article written by Nathanael Johnson, “President Donald Trump recently doubled down on his idea that climate change played no part in California’s outbreak of wildfires in recent years. If people simply “cleaned” the forest, Trump said in a speech last week, then “you don’t have to have any forest fires.” The president is not doing anything in respect of climate change although it should be the main political concern since its causing much damage to our planet. The destruction they leave behind is massive. People lose their lives and not only that but the unhealthy air that gets left behind is deadly. So many people lose their house and that causes them to leave their country and start their lives all over again.

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The warmth in the air affects a lot also. Ocean water gets evaporated which leads in a result of heavy rains and snow storms. Our president should do something to help in climate change. Many people are causing climate change by polluting and causing damage to our world but the president does not do anything about it. In comparison to Switzerland, they recycle 51% of their municipal waste. Recycling and utilizing money for helping climate change by cleaning most of our pollution. The amount of landscape changes is one reason why climate change should be the president's main political concern.

Why is climate change important? Human health is in danger. Extreme heat caused by climate change impact human-kind by exposing heat related illness, death and cardiovascular failure. Air pollution causes asthma, lung problems and cardiovascular diseases. Rising sea levels impact on water quality. This later affects humans who consume water because it causes cholera, cryptosporidiosis, campylobacter and leptospirosis. Heavy precipitation causes many deaths too. People drown due to heavy floods and hurricanes. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “ Floods are the second deadliest of all weather-related hazards in the United States, accounting for approximately 98 deaths per year, most due to drowning. Flash floods and flooding associated with tropical storms result in the highest number of deaths.”

Droughts are also dangerous to human-kind because it causes wildfires, extreme heat events, reduced water quantity, and degraded water quality. In the future many more changes in the climate would be made. Humans will be exposed to more chances of catching diseases and human population will be in major chances of extinction.

Climate change could be the main cause of extinction of animals. An example of animal extinction as a result of climate change is the Pikas. These small animals live in cold areas, usually in the mountains. Since the ice is melting, they move out to try to find another cold place to live in. If the Pika can't adapt to warm climate it could go extinct anytime. Many animals are moving from their habitat because everything around them is changing and since they are not adapted to any new climate they have the necessity to move away and find a new place to live in. Orange-spotted filefish is an animal that already went extinct. Although they are totally dependent they couldn't survive to heat. Extreme heat waves would heat up the water and they went completely extinct in Japan in 1988. Many animals need our help and we need to help the environment. The face difficult challenges to live everyday, and the pollution we are making is not helping them at all, it makes it even more difficult for them to continue with their lives. Animals are vulnerable to these kind of changes and they are very important to our planet because without any animals our world would be very different. Many animals help pollinate flowering crops which we need.

The president needs to do something about all this climate change and the damage its causing to our planet. Landscapes are being destroyed by heavy rains and extreme droughts. Humans who get affected by the change in the climate can even lose their lives. Animals have gone extinct and if we don't do anything about it many more species will be in danger of extinction. Climate change should be the president's main concern and he should help everyone out as well as we should help and make a change.

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