When Nature Strikes: Coping With the Impacts of Natural Disasters

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Imagine you are sitting on the beach catching some rays with some friends when all of the sudden the tide breaks free. You and your friends go to collect the shells that have just appeared in front of you when you see a title wave approaching you off in the distance. What would you do in that situation? There have been lots of times just like this all over the world. Natural disasters cause a lot of damage every year. Three types of damage that can be caused is population destruction, structural damage, and the destruction of money.

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Natural disasters are very strong and kill lots of people in just one strike. Source 4 states that “powerful earthquakes can kill as many as 400 people, as well as in one power 7.5 earthquake 540 people died and 29 were still missing.” Earthquakes kill people but so do tsunamis. “Since 1850 tsunamis have killed more than 420,000 people.” rescue teams go out during or right after the disaster but sometimes it takes them longer because of debris piled up on the ground.

These natural disasters do not only kill people they also destroy homes, cars, buildings, etc. and forces people to move. “Officials were unable to fully survey the town because of 'massive' damage and that Charles Bujan had asked people to leave the area but didn’t know how many obeyed the order”. Along with how source 4 tells about “one country called Palu lost communication during an earthquake and the airport runways were damaged which meant that flights were being limited to government and military helicopters. High winds and big crashing waves in hurricanes and tsunamis cause all sorts of damage as well.

In addition to those dangers natural disasters also cause so much money in damages annually. As stated in source 1 “a storm called Hurricane Katrina was known to have costed roughly 100 billion dollars in damages.” Not only that but since 1850 tsunamis have caused up to billions upon billions of dollars in damages as well”. The government has to spend their money to help fund others to rebuild houses and buildings because of damages. Many personal belongings are lost in these disasters and some cars are usually totaled.

In conclusion, natural disasters can be a real pain sometimes causing so much damage to the world. This damage including population damage, structural damage and money damages. Damages from natural disasters are super common in places that get lots of storms and other types of natural disasters and a natural disaster cannot go without putting some sort of damage into the area. That is why you should always watch out for natural disasters and know their damages.  

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