The History of Anime and Why I Came to Love It

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Anime some might know it as cartoons but anime is generally considered to be a form of entertainment. The Japanese have been producing and creating animation for over 100 years and are known for their ability to create realistic characters, scenery and action scenes. The subculture of anime can be as well interesting when you consider that there are many types of anime it can be compared to the culture of gaming, comic books, and other known ‘Geek culture’. In this essay I will be discussing How anime has evolved to become as popular as it is today? and what it means to be a fan of anime?.

I will also discuss the history of anime and its evolution from being a genre to becoming one of the most well known type of animation around the world. Now what is the diffrence between Japanese animation and American animation? well Japanese animation drives on being different not only in it’s storytelling but the art work anime first started to influence and make the waves in Japan one of the most popular examples can be that of Princess Mononoke.

In 1997 Hayao miyazaki Creator of this film turned this animated film into on of the most-expensive animated movie up until the moment, costing $20 million to make. Miyazaki personally saw each of these 144,000 cels in this movie to what contributed to being such a great success.

When most people think about anime they think of popular known anime like Pokemon, Dragonball Z or even Naruto now not that these animations are considerd bad it is exactly these types of anime that have been made and enjoyed by millions of people around the world it closes the gap to those who are unfamiliar with the culture but at least know of it in their own way. There are many different kinds of anime that exist today and not only the most recent anime but the anime, films and artwork animation process that has not only made anime just targeted towerds kids but adults.

Therefore what makes an anime popular not only in Japan but around the world? well as I have stated simply because it is diffrent. Anime and it’s story lines are not only soely targeted towerds kids an example of that can be Death note senior high school student and prodigy Light Yagami stumbles upon a notebook titled Death Note and since he deplores the government of that world tests that toxic notebook by publishing the criminal’s name at it. When the criminal dies directly following his research with this Death Note, Light is greatly stunned and rapidly acknowledges how devastating the force that has come into his hands would be.

Now I can go into various examlpes one after another about how anime and the genre is not only for kids but what I really find intresting is what are some of the anime that has inpacted the industry and has shaped into the way it is today. Now this can be a debateable subject on which anime is considerd to be the best or the most influential but anime can be what you experience from it how and what did you feel understand from the experience of watching it?

An anime that has impacted me the most when I watched it and is highly praised for it’s story line and animation is Neon Genesis Evangelion Director Hideaki anno’s depression is what led to the dark themes In Neon generation Evangelion. Budget issues and parental complaints about the subject line of the anime led to the new finishing product being scrapped and replaced with the limited-animation ending breaking from the primary story line. This series’ mixture of psychoanalysis, religious symbolism, and music deconstruction proved highly important on big anime in the late ’90s ahead.

The show was a hit with critics and fans alike proving that anime is not only for kids this show had an impact on the world of anime. Personally the movie that contiued through the show showing the true ending of the series shows the protagonist Shinji Ikari coming to the realization of self acceptance and the way he feels about himself. It also showed how he felt towards his family and friends there is a powerful sence where the characters are able to express themselvs there true feelings where he needs and accepts that he needs help.

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This show has been shown to be very successful because of its strong storyline, which made it so intriguing and unique the the creator wanted to show what depression anxity fear of being alone felt like through the protagonist shingi Ikari and I came to understand and understand that depression is not something you can just get rid of by yourself.

Anime has breached many and we can see the impact it has had not only in Japan but around the world we can see that anime culture is not only about anime but also manga, cosplay, conventions and videogames as well have been ifluenced by anime and the Japanese entertainment industry. As many anime creators are aware of this fact, they have created some very successful anime series that have made to become mainstream media.

However, there are still many people who don’t know what anime is or how it works and how to get into the anime culture, well like any fandom you want to support the people who create the show, music, etc. the way we can paticpate in such culture if one is more intrested is through conventions and what exactly happens at these conventions and what does one do?

Well these kind of conventions are somtimes held all around the world to invite people who have an intrest and passion for anime some can particapte by cosplaying going to panels and can buy items that there not able to purchase anywhere that easily somtimes it can be figurines, posters, DVD’s, or even manga.

These conventions are held every year in diffrent places one of the most popular anime conventions is held here in california in Los Angeles called Anime Expo I have had the plesure of attending 3 years in a row as I enjoy to particpate and go through the whole experience of cosplaying buying posters and figurines and enjoy time with friends who as well have the same hobby and appreciate anime as much as I do.

When I was first introduced to anime I was 13 Years of age I rememberd how uninterested in the culture and only knew so little about it, my close friends on the other side were fans of the genere for some time as they wanted me to know more about the genre they introduced me to an anime that I would be intrested in called Ouran High School Host Club a romantic comedy based on the manga by Bisco Hatori.

As I continued to watch the series I feel in love with the characters and found myself laughing crying and enjoying my self and saw that I had invested myself into these characters lives and indulged on what would happen next and after I had finished the show I found myslef sad wanting to see more and know more as I started searching the internet wanting to know what else I should watch as I found a lengthy list of all these anime that are based around the genre of romance.

I found myself loving everything I watched and came to apprecate not only romance aspect of anime but as well other genre’s that come along with it as well those anime that are the best and made it possible for everyone to some way shape or form come to love and appreciate the genre and it is somthing truly wonderful that we can all enjoy.

And that is why I am a proud and happy to be part of this culture where there is something for everyone to enjoy and feel passionate about and be able to enjoy it as much as I do when it comes to any fandom culture anyone can be excited about what is to come next and what can happen moving forward and that is what I am excited about learning next.

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