How Toy Story 3 Incorporates Character Self-Esteem

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Ken plays a major roll in being a narcissist. Ken is a popular character in the real world just like the movie. However, the movie shows his changes as time passes. You notice this when he’s around Lots-o and his gang. He tries to act tough around them to make himself fit in. He’s also highly materialistic, always talking about his house and all the different outfit’s he has. The connection between the movie and us is that we always try to fit into a group that benefits our life. Just like that, a lot of people use materialistic things to paint a pretty picture for themselves in-order to fit in or hide their true emotions. As us humans, we all have a self esteem, and just like in the movie, Toy Story 3 was able to incorporate every character’s self-esteem.

The one that stands out most, is Mr. Potatoe Head, when they first meet twitch, a very muscular toy where Mrs. Potato head decides to feel his muscles, which causes Mr. Potato Head to grab her attention once again by flexing his muscles but sadly, he isn’t like Twitch and his arm fall down, which made his self esteem low. Us as humans care much of what others think of us. We always try to outshine everyone else and become their role models. In instances, this event can cause different levels of self esteem since we can’t achieve the perfect pictures of ourselves.

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Throughout the whole movie, there is a lot of recollections from every individual toy, such as memories when Andy used to play with them, or when they would all have adventures with their owner. These scenes allow the viewers to use their memory so as to remember their past used toys and appreciate the good times they spent together. As the movie comes to a finish, it shows that Andy, the owner of the toys, passing down the toys to Bonnie, the little girl that saved Woody. This shows a lot of maturity from Andy. Just like us humans, it shows us the differences from kindness and selfishness, it improves our lifestyle and grow individually.

This film was chosen for this topic since it’s one of the best classified Children’s film from the current decade which received 2 well known awards, the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film and Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film. It’s connection to real human emotions and problems is impeccable compared to the rest of the Toy Story series.

Allowing us audience, to truly visualize the emotional connection us humans have with the toys from our childhood. Explaining that even though we change and progress on a day to day basis, our attachments to specific toys never change. Just, like our emotional attachment to materialist things including a car, watch, purse, or a piece of jewelry.

Toy Story’s interpretations depend on everyone. However, the message of the movie is friendship. Since the toys have been helping each other since the beginning, and never gave up, they tried to teach others how important, it is to support others in real life. Besides friendship, it educates the younger audience to value trust, and to never give up in situations. Toy Story 3 is trying to imply that you need to move on, which allows every toy to have infinite memories, and for you to recollect those memories. Even though, it has its entertainment values, its main purpose is to educate all ages.

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