What Is Wrong With the Accusations Against Computer Games

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Earlier in this month there was a shooting in florida, sad news but it's the truth,there is always some people who still wont refuse to drop the topic that games are the cause of shootings. Yes a bad mixture maybe severe bullying and abuse can cause someone to snap. But to just blame games is kinda childish some can be overly violent and excessive, even then that is why there is a rating which has been proclaimed in the media system as one the best rating systems. Yes maybe they need to enforce this a little better like maybe T to A young kids aren't allowed to buy. Being a avid gamer myself I have found games that get me concentrated on completing the game, but when I fail I get angry then I will reset myself and try again until I retry and complete it.

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Games can make you use your brain and make you happy, the dopamine in your brain start to react to your state of being when the dopamine level flux are interrupted, you can experience short burst of anger due to frustration. Stability was already messed up there shouldn’t be too many issues. like take for instance her is a quote from a article “We have shown improvements in mood, reductions in stress, and feelings of competence and autonomy resulting from playing video games”. Yes there should be certain boundaries like parents should enforce but with the new age there comes the popular rise of video games like P.U.B.G. or Fortnite both have violence but one is comical where the other is more realistic. Video games in general are growing in popularity because with the new systems you can experience them like a movie where you choose the places you want to go it truly is a experience.

Both my parents were gamers growing up so me I just kinda became a gamer myself but that's what I enjoy, it never made me violent and I have a mild case of anger issues.But they never influence me in a violent way because I have processed that it is fake and most of it is just virtual violence. Maybe mental defencient kids may interpret certain things differently like the violence in Mortal Kombat and DOOM. These people can be easily influenced by even telling or listening to songs. The real problem is that the parents of these teens that shoot up schools, are not really paying attention to what goes on, at there home like keeping track of what they do or even paying attention to certain issues. If they have a issue they talk you just need to listen and hear what there saying.

We in our society have came from so much but we still do stupid things like eat tide pods. All it really takes is common sense to understand the issues. Just see what others do not. Help someone you know who feels like they want to commit such a crime to get them help they may not want but they may need it. We our the nation of the united states we will not let these problems bring us down. We have been through worse times and bounced back on numerous occasions. 

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