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The Ethical Dilemma Around Music and Media Piracy

Throughout the years, the film and music industries have had to come up with ways to protect themselves against copyright piracy. Through the emergence of software’s like LimeWire and Piratebay that allow users to illegally download music and movies respectively, these industries lose a lot...

Challenges Faced by the Music Industry Business

The music industry is facing challenges through business perspective, the copyright of music, popular music, live music and the challenges artist face. For instance, online music sharing has prompted legal challenges and industry alliances, while raising significant concerns regarding the industry future. A study in...

The Impact of Piracy on Business Profitability

What Does Piracy Mean? Piracy refers to the unauthorized or illegal reproduction of copyrighted content which is then sold at very low prices in the 'grey' market. Over the years, as the ease of access to technology increased, piracy has become more frequent. For instance,...

Factors that Affect Movie and Music Industry Markets

Introduction Art is considered as a part of creativity and the major constituents of the art include films and music. The technology and economics have created unique challenges across segments of the entertainment industry over the past quarter century. The significant change in how business...

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