Dispelling the Myth: Why Video Games Don't Cause Violence

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"Why video games don't cause violence" has been a contentious debate for decades, which makes it a relevant topic for this essay. In recent years, concerns about the potential link between video game violence and real-world aggression have gained significant attention. However, research consistently shows that the relationship between video games and violence is more complex than a simple cause-and-effect scenario.

The Nature of Video Games

Video games encompass a vast range of genres, from puzzle-solving and strategy games to sports simulations and first-person shooters. While some games do involve virtual violence, they are a form of entertainment that allows players to engage in fantastical scenarios that don't necessarily reflect real-life actions. Just as reading a crime novel doesn't turn someone into a criminal, playing a violent video game doesn't make an individual prone to violence.

The Role of Catharsis

One argument against the notion that video games cause violence is the concept of catharsis. Engaging in virtual violence can act as a form of emotional release for players. Rather than fostering aggressive tendencies, it can serve as an outlet for frustration and stress, potentially reducing real-world aggression. Studies have shown that playing violent video games can even decrease aggressive feelings in certain individuals, as they channel their emotions into the game world rather than externalizing them.

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Complex Causes of Violence

Violence is a multifaceted social issue with numerous contributing factors, such as socioeconomic conditions, family dynamics, mental health, and exposure to real-life violence. Blaming video games oversimplifies the issue and distracts from addressing the root causes. Countries with high video game consumption do not necessarily exhibit higher rates of violent crime, indicating that video games are not the primary driver of violence.

Research Findings

Extensive research has been conducted to examine the relationship between video games and violence. The majority of studies have failed to establish a direct causal link between playing violent video games and real-world aggression. The American Psychological Association stated in 2017 that there is insufficient evidence to support claims that video game violence causes criminal violence.

Furthermore, countries with high video game usage, such as Japan and South Korea, often have lower crime rates compared to countries with lower video game usage. This suggests that other cultural, societal, and economic factors play a more significant role in shaping violent behavior.

Parental Responsibility and Regulation

It's important to acknowledge the role of parents and guardians in guiding their children's media consumption. Video games are assigned age ratings to provide guidance on appropriate content for different age groups. Responsible parenting includes monitoring the types of games children play and discussing any concerns or questions they may have about game content.


In conclusion, the idea that video games cause violence is an oversimplification of a complex issue. Video games are a form of entertainment that can have various effects on individuals, ranging from relaxation and stress relief to cognitive development. While some studies suggest a potential correlation between video game violence and aggressive thoughts, it's crucial to recognize that correlation does not imply causation. Factors such as catharsis, the diversity of video game genres, and the lack of conclusive evidence all contribute to the argument that video games do not inherently cause violence.


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