Why I Want To Be A Real Estate Agent

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There is nothing better than living in the perfect home for you and your family. I want to become a real estate agent one day just for that reason and many others. Real estate agents are the middle man between buyers and sellers of properties and houses. This is a great job for people like me who never have a set schedule. In this profession, you must have great communication skills and must be able to be contacted at any time which also makes me a great fit for this occupation. Why i want to be a real estate agent?

The website 16 Personalities states: “Hard work and self-motivation are also strong principles, which makes them excellent sales representatives, whether in basic retail positions, part of office teams, or as independent agents.” Being a hard worker and being self-motivated are two important traits that all real estate agents possess.

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There are few requirements to be a real estate agent, but you must have a high school diploma and also be able to pass an exam. This exam consists of 80 to 100 state licensing laws that vary from state to state. There are extra courses that you can take to help pass this exam but are not required. Most states require the license to be renewed every 3-4 years. I am currently attending Nashville State for my associates degree in marketing which is not directly related but could possibly help me be above everyone else.

This profession is one of the few that economic conditions affect how much their income will be. One of the biggest downfalls of real estate is that, if the economy is down and nobody is buying houses, then you can’t make that money off of commission. The commission is usually split between the buying agent, selling agent, firms, and brokers. The median annual wage $56,780 while the top ten percent earned $163,540, and the bottom ten percent earned $24,650. This job has a wide range of how much money can be made and it mostly depends on the motivation of the sales agent themselves.

There are many things that go into selling a house or property. First, real estate agents have to appraise the property to determine the value of it on the market. Next, they set up showings and list the property on the MLS database. The Multiple Listing Service is a database shared between all local brokerage members who work toward finding a buyer for the home. Real estate agents are also in charge of showing the house and report all interested buyers to the sellers. Lastly, they help deliver and explain all documents between the two and close out the chaotic process of purchasing a home.

Real Estate is not a job for everyone, but I think I am a perfect fit. Communication skills are crucial in the real estate process. Almost the entire job consists of communicating between the seller and potential buyers. I’m a people person and understanding your clients is a huge part of this occupation because they are trusting you with their home. Another aspect would be being capable of getting things done without someone telling you to do it because technically you are your own boss. This is something I love about this job because I like doing things my own way. Most agents are able to have a side job as well with the flexible hours.

Real estate is the profession I desire most, and I hope I can take all the steps necessary to get there. This job would let me make enough money to support my family and have enough time to have another job. This is a great job for me, and I, myself, think so too. I can’t wait for the day I can help people find the dream home for them and their families. 

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This essay provides a clear exploration of the motivations and requirements for becoming a real estate agent. The author effectively highlights personal qualities such as hard work, self-motivation, and communication skills that align with the role. The essay outlines the necessary steps for entering the profession, including education, licensing exams, and potential income levels. The candidate's enthusiasm for the job is evident, and the writing style is engaging. The inclusion of statistics and details about the real estate industry adds credibility to the discussion. The essay also reflects on the author's suitability for the profession due to their communication skills, self-driven nature, and preference for flexible work arrangements.
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Introduction Clarity: Provide a stronger opening that immediately grabs the reader's attention and introduces the topic of becoming a real estate agent more compellingly. Transition Sentences: Incorporate smoother transitions between paragraphs to enhance the flow of ideas throughout the essay. Elaboration on Personal Qualities: Further elaborate on how the author's communication skills, self-motivation, and independence make them an ideal fit for the role of a real estate agent. Incorporate Examples: Include specific examples or anecdotes to illustrate the mentioned personal qualities and experiences, adding depth and relatability to the essay. Conclusion Enhancement: Strengthen the conclusion by summarizing the main points and reiterating the author's enthusiasm for pursuing a career as a real estate agent.
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