Sweatshop Jobs In Developing Countries

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Sweatshops are basically clothing industries where employees are made to work for long periods and get paid less under poor working conditions. However, there are noticeable benefits such as decrease in unemployment rate, increase in countries economy and people will get goods for low cost. Bangladesh is one among the top three countries which is exporting garment’s to other countries in the world and contributing 80% to the total exporting value (2013). Most women in third world countries work in sweatshops to make their future better, enjoy freedom in their lives and support their families and to manage their living expenses.

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Sweatshop job gives women an opportunity to make their future better. Mostly, women who are living in rural and underdeveloped areas don’t have enough employment opportunities to work, even though there are some, they are not qualified enough to fit in those jobs, which make women stay idle in their home’s. By working in sweatshops they can accumulate some money, by saving that little amount for the future purpose they can restart their schooling to increase their academic and business skills, which are further implemented to run a small business with little investment in the same field and also they aspire to white-collar jobs by learning new skills during off-hours. According to the reading “Women could save money to improve living conditions or to return to school to improve the literacy or job-market skills”( ). Girls who are in their teenage and working in sweatshops somehow learn money value and will come to know how to spend it wisely. Those experiences are further helpful for them after getting married to run their family without problems. In society, people are making women to stick to their homes without allowing them to enter job market by saying that they won’t withstand and work for longer periods. These sweatshop jobs will make people rethink about their capabilities and pave the way for their better future by increasing employment opportunities.

Sweatshops will allow women to support their family and manage daily living expenses without relying on their parents. Money they earn will not only satisfies their daily expenses but also support their family financially in daily life and make them to live in better conditions. Reading states that “Money they earned managed their own finances, improved the quality of their lives, made them to experience independence and to have their own rooms”. Earning a salary will make women to live in their own comfort zones and give a chance to manage their finances. Women, who are unemployed, need to satisfy their needs and make them to live in a confined space. In addition to that, women can invest that money in their children’s education in future by saving in small amounts.

Working in sweatshops will make women to have independence in their lives. Normally parents who live in villages and are uneducated will force their girl child to marry in early ages, these sweatshop jobs will become an excuse for such women to stop getting married until they are enough matured. These jobs not only stops to get married in early ages but also give them a chance to choose their future partner by their own. By working in between different people they will learn how to assess people and behave accordingly. Things they have learned can be implemented to choose a better husband as well as useful to live a happy life after getting married by having a mutual understanding in every situation. Addition to those, women will get an independence to choose when to have children. In certain conditions people think to have children after becoming financially stable in their life, somehow these sweatshop jobs makes women to contribute to that amount and make them to reach their target soon.

Predominantly, women who live in developing countries are tend to work in factories (sweatshops) to increase their living standards, to back up their families economically and to enjoy individual liberties in their lives. Even though employers pay less and violate individual women rights, it is good do work in such places because, somehow workers will get paid a minimum wage which satisfies their daily needs and addition to that they work in better atmospheric conditions when compared to exposing to hot sun in fields

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