The Practical Employee Job Engagement

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The report based on my last internship program which ran for the previous forty-five days. It is placed at the Agrani Bank Limited, Sonargaon branch. The main objective of this study is to realize the practical employee job engagement. To do this I had to communicate directly with the employees of the bank so that I could understand the views and relation of the employees with the bank.

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Employee engagement concerns employee’s beliefs of the organization, the leaders of the organization and the tradition of the organization. There are three types of employee engagements. They are not engaged employees, disengaged employees and engaged employees. An engaged employee disclose himself emotionally, physically and mentally. He always tries to do his duties properly. Prerequisites of employee engagement are job, leadership, proper supervision reward and recognition.

Analysis part is divided into three parts. They are analysis of reward and recognition, culture and environment and organizational support and respondents. From several factors I have selected only three factors and tried to prove that these three factors play a vital role in employee engagement at Agrani Bank Ltd.While doing this study I found some issues these are needed to be recommended. Survey on employee engagement should be conducted by the HRM (Human Resource Department). It should be ensured that all of the managers are participating in the decision making. The management should take necessary steps to solve the problems of employees.Although there are some limitations such as time limitation, data limitation, sample limitation etc. I have tried my best to show the actual scenario of the Agrani Bank Ltd.

Basically our research is mostly related to the behavior of human. My responsibility is to find out the reasons for why the employees of an organization behave in different ways. Our study field is mainly related to the qualitative research. In this type of qualitative research I have to find the motives that affect the human behavior of an organization. The employees will be motivated by using this qualitative research.

While conducting this study we have found some issues that are needed to be recommended. One of these issues is Survey and this type of survey should be conducted by the HRM (Human Resource Department) on the basis of one year or six month. Participation of decision making of every level of management should be ensured. If any employee faces any troubles the HRM or the supervisor of the respective employee should try to stand with him. Salary, bonus, reward, recognition and other benefits should be established to motivate the employees. There should be promotion policy on the basis of the performance of the employees so that they will get motivation in working sector. Managers should give a perfect feedback to the employees at the proper time. Job description should be provided so that the employees get an opportunity to apply their talents.From the above discussion we can conclude that the employee engagement is very important for the success of any organization. It has also proved that the relation between the manager and the employees is also very important. From our survey it is clear to us that to establish a healthy environment of work can only be made by the proper engagement of the employees. The upper level of management should always support the employees so that they will be motivated.

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