Analysis Of Organizational Culture Of Allison Family Dental

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Allison must first organize and then identify each issue in order to address them. In this particular case Allison’s main issue can be defined as less inspiration given to the new dental specialist and an absence of planning and organization in the administrative activities. Dr. Gable did not break down the potential profit or revenue prior to including new dentist and he pursued costly approaches to include the dental specialist by contracting through an expensive consulting firm. Allison can encourage the dental specialists to end the agreement with the present consultant firm and check for an alternative option who can administer great service at a lower rate than the competitors.

I would also suggest Allison to utilize Hertzberg's Two Factor Theory of hygiene and motivators for employee motivation. Several examples of the Hygiene factor of the Two- Factory Theory includes company policy, supervision, salary, working conditions, and job security. Each of these motives would be considered low level factors in Hygiene. (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2017). Motivators are high-level factors that focus on an employee’s recognition for achievement, responsibility, growth, advancement, work itself (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2017).

Allison can propose a performance rating framework for the firm which dissects the execution of the dental specialists and staffs dependent on the volume of new patients acquired and the reviews given by the patients. Whoever gets the best performance rating amongst each of the dentist should receive an increase in their salary each year. This will persuade and motivate each employee to improve their clientele and patient satisfaction. Another theory of management that could help Allison manage her staffs issues are Douglas McGregor's X and Y theory. Since theory x is considered to be a negative way of dealing with employees, I’d suggest Allison focus on theory Y (Mohamed, 2013). Theory Y suggests that employees motivate themselves through being committed to the company’s objectives and goals (Mohamed, 2013). Allison can give trust, responsibility, and more ownership of the dentistry’s objectives to each of her staff members and the new dentist to enhance the overall morale of everyone.

One of the first mistakes I believe Allison made was not getting more involved with the early process of Dr. Gable’s plan towards expanding the dentistry. I believe if she asserted herself a little bit more in acquiring more information and staying up to date in the transition it would possibly put Allison in a better position to resolve the dentist’s issues. First to avoid any future issues between the dentists she should inform them to keep her up to date to almost every crucial detail of the dentistry basically making everything run through her first. Since either of the dentists are not owning up to any responsibility towards the issues that’s been caused during this transitional period, Allison should conduct a meeting with the entire staff including the dentists in question detailing her future plans to eradicate the problem and improve this transitional period without blaming anyone and assigning everyone a specific task in order to accomplish her objectives.

Allison should also describe how the dentistry’s success will be potentially correlated to their hard work and cooperation which will lead directly to their increased compensation of each staff member that can meet Allison’s objectives, for example, as I mentioned earlier a performance rating can be introduced during the meeting. According to Ovidiu-Iliuta Dobre Financial rewards have the capacity to maintain and motivate individuals towards higher performance (Dobre, 2013). This will again give everyone trust, ownership, and responsibility to handle the issues boost everyone’s morale and motivation.

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The most urgent issues in this case is the morale of the employees in the office, increased expenses, the year-end bonuses for the staff were eliminated, employee hours were cut, lack of motivation and job satisfaction. With all the issues within the dentist office they all tie in with each other which comes to an overall, practice problem that could have be prevented if Dr. Gable chose a consulting firm for his practice that would have been more beneficial in a way that wouldn’t have any negative impact on the staff, expenses, nor employee hours.

The process of the new transition made Allison question things she observed which in all in fact turned out to be a situation and many problems with the transition the practice was doing. Organizations’ efficiency depends to a large extent on the morale of its employee (Bhatnagar & Srivastava, 2012). It is important for the dentist office to be efficient, because it has an impact on the morale of the staff overall. In order to overcome these challenges, companies should create a strong and positive relationship with its employees and direct them towards task fulfillment (Dobre, 2013). Overall, all the urgent issues that are listed can keep negatively affecting the practice as whole which can lead to a bigger problem than the problems that are going on within the dentist office. With Allison helping to motivate the staff and dentist the issues can be eliminated.

The actions that Allison might suggest to improve the situation are by seeing what motivates the staff and dentists. Allison can look into different rewards such as intrinsic or extrinsic, and even incentives. Thus, motivation is the act or process of providing a motive that causes a person to take some action. In most cases, motivation comes from some need that leads to behavior which, in turn, results in some type of reward when the need is fulfilled (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2017). Allison can insist on extrinsic rewarding staff and dentists by giving everyone bonuses if quality and patient satisfaction is be being demonstrated to being exceptional. In other words, as stated previously if that is being performed the year-end bonuses can be given, feedback and recognition, praise, etc.

To add, incentives for the staff and dentists can be a change of job description; everyone doing their assigned responsibilities, and reconfiguring teams by coming up with a game plan that the office will regain a high morale and the outcomes are more significant. To conclude, to improve the situation Allison has to be able to make sure she is motivating the staff and dentists to the fullest so, that the practice can have result in a great overall outcome. If the employees are not satisfied with their jobs and not motivated to fulfill their tasks and achieve their goals, the organization cannot attain success (Dobre, 2013).

The strategies that might be used to motivate the dentists and the employees in working to begin to address the issues I would consider is by coming as a transitioning practice is to build upon making it a culture. It’s clear that culture is the operating system of an organization. Senior leaders can build and maintain a high-performing culture by teaching managers to lead in highly motivating ways (McGregor & Doshi, 2015). In this case, the partnership developing between Dr. Gable and the second dentist, increased staff, new equipment, etc. has become an expanding transition within the practice and for Allison. I think that as it is Allison’s new journey being in the health care career and is new to the dental field it is important for Dr. Gable to continue to teach her the ins and outs of dentistry with the help of the second dentist in which they have the most knowledge of what she should know by her new to managing. Leaders have to treat culture building as an engineering discipline, not a magical one (McGregor & Doshi, 2015).

In addition, I think that engagement strategies could be used to motivate the dentists and staff as well. Allison can communicate and address the big picture by informing them to understand how what they are tasked with fits into the larger picture of the organization. Also, she can get to understand their needs, what motivates them, engage them in the problem solving-process, and really work to resolving rather than ignoring (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2017).

I feel that Allison should not update her resume and look for another job, because even though she was left out the process she should express to both dentists on how she feel and for them to let her know what’s going on so she could get a better understanding on not just what she has been observing but, what they have discussed without her. To add, I do think that if the dentist and the staff not willing to help the situation to make a change to the issues going on than she should start to consider to find another job, because it takes a team to be able to function and operate without a team behind you than there’s not going to be any change or progress to overcome the issues. Achieving this goal requires a committed and high-quality workforce in health-care organizations (Bhatnagar & Srivastava, 2012).

To conclude, with the help from Allison, the dentists, and staff all working together to motivate one another the practice will continue to transition and develop into one that is built upon culture that’ll be around for a long time if everyone contribute to overcome the issues. The outcomes of the practice will be significantly efficient in all aspects so, the morale of the office would not be affected.

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