Building Strong Teamwork From Individual Work

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Teamwork is a very simple and yet big deal at the same time. Teamwork revolves in a lot of different aspects in our day to day lives, such as work, home, school or event team-based sports. Teamwork is a base line of multiple people helping to achieve the same goal. It means cooperating together within a group for one single common cause. Team work is based off of trust as well, you are trusting your team to pull through to accomplish a common goal. If there is no trust to achieve that goal, then there is no way to actually know if that goal with be completed the correct way. Team work is very important in our line of work. The military has certain duties that have to be completed on a daily basis. If those duties are not completed efficiently then it doesn’t only fall onto us it falls onto our leaders as well. Within our line of work, we are trusted with not only protecting our country but also protecting our fellow soldiers as well. Say we are out in combat and all of our lives are on the line. Say that every other solider is coming together as team in hopes that we all survive, but I am only worried about keeping myself alive. That is me personally not showing team work that is me being selfish and not caring about whether or not they get home to their families as well. 

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Within team work comes selfishness, you cannot work as a team effectively if members of the group are being selfish. We are working for the government it is not an ordinary job, they hired us with trusting us that we would protect our country and protect our brothers. From the time we joined and got to bootcamp, we have all been taught that if we do not learn team work we will all fail. Team work within the military isn't about just helping someone with tasks it's about banning together to make decisions based on experience and knowledge. To be a good team can take months or even years but when you are in the military you do not have that long to become a strong-willed team. Sometimes you only have days because you never really know when you could face combat. You could get a call randomly in the middle of the night that you are headed out to a place thousands of miles away, and you are to then mentally, physically, and emotionally prepare yourself for what is about to happen. Then as you and your team are leaving, all of you have to ban together to help prepare as a team. If you do not the steps to prepare as a team and individually it could possibly end bad for everyone. Soldiers must come to realize that we are relying on not only yourself but the soldiers to our left and to our right. You have to be able trust that the men and women fighting with you have your best interest in hand, and they have to trust you in the same manner. If that trust is not upheld then the mission will not be accomplished.

Team work is needed in more than just the army it is needed for survival. Working as a team makes things faster more efficient and safer. Working together as a team sometimes gets mistaken though. People often assume that just because they helped someone in their time of need, that they are owed something in return. For example, say Joe from down the street needed you to help him move a couch, people who does not value team work would think that Joe then owes them something in return. When in reality Joe reached out for a favor and you offered to help, therefore he doesn’t owe you anything. Maybe in return he will later help you and repay that favor. Teamwork is about banning together as a team, it can be in many different incidents. For instance, say you are driving down the road one day and you see a car that has flipped over and there is three people stuck inside. The car is starting to catch on fire. Are you going to stop and help the other people that are banning together as a team to get those individuals out of the car, or are you going to just keep driving like you didn’t see anything? Again people who value team work are not going to just keep driving they are going to stop and do all they can to help those individuals. It isn’t always about helping friends and family, complete strangers need help too. If everyone would ban together and help others in their time of need this world would be a better place. Just imagine people always lending a helping hand when they were able to do so, they would then in return get the same thing back. That would in return make life easier for everyone, they wouldn’t feel like they are stuck in situations that they cannot get out of. Personally teamwork is a big thing to me, I may not always show the best characteristics of team work. But I do hold the values of teamwork. I do know the importance, but I also know that sometimes it's hard to uphold something you feel you cannot display when others won't ban together as a team to help you in your time of despair. I have personally reached out to others several times when in my lowest of lows, and I was turned away. Which then made me not want to help them the next time they needed something due to them not caring about not only my wellbeing but them not caring that I was in need. Say for instance someone was feeling depressed and like they had no other option in life. Ay they reached out to friends and family and didn’t get the help they needed. That would then cause that person to not want to help those individuals in their time of need. But if we all had a better mindset and heart, then people wouldn’t hold grudges in that manner, they would ban together with others to help individuals in their time of need. 

Whenever they possibly could. In that scenario teamwork isn’t only about getting a group of people together on one task, teamwork can be justified as just helping others with they reach out during times of need. Teams should look at one another to dig deeper and try to make sure their head is also in the task. Having good mental health is a big part in making sure the task gets completed correctly. If everyone is on the same page team cohesion will be stronger relationships will be healthier and everyone will work as one full unit. Teamwork can also be used in relationships at home or in your marriage. You have to listen to one another and help each other through problems we face as one. Sometimes your significant other or you can lose that mindset that you are one team and it pushes you both past the point of fixing things. Families are seen as strong, because they are meant to overcome all of the boundaries in their path. If you and your significant other do not come together as a team and try to eliminate the issues ahead of time. It will then drive a wedge in the relationship to the point of not being able to fix it. It is very important in all relationships in life that you put forth as much effort as possible it helps the relationships grow stronger and help them to last a lot longer. That falls back onto trust, within a relationship trust is a huge characteristic. If there is no trust then there is not a healthy relationship which in return does not make for a good team. You want to grow together and build a family that was as strong or stronger than the family you created. You want your kids or even your friends to see how strong willed your relationships are. It could possibly push them to want to create the same type of relationships with their wife, kids, family, friends or coworkers.

In conclusion to have a strong team, you have to build and uphold trust and some of the same values. If you fail to do so your team will not succeed. To keep that team strong and motivated you have to continue to practice those values and keep trust within group relations. As I said before team work is not only based upon group relations, it is also based off of individual relations as well. Such as home, work, everyday life, friends, and family. There are complete strangers that may look onto you for help and you may not be able to help them alone, so by building those relationships throughout life you have others you can look onto to help you when you cannot do it alone. Same as if you are personally needing help. It is always best to practice strong values and allow others to see that you are a team leader. That allows them to be able to see you as a not only someone they can reach out to for help but also someone they would want to help.

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