Hundred Years War And It's Impact On France

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Hundred years war has it's significant role in the history of English language and in the development of English language. This war leads to the some uncertain events in the western world. These events changed the shape of politics territory beliefs and religion of west. One of them is THE GREAT SCHISM. What is schism? Schism is a split or division between two conflicting sections or parties caused by differences in opinion or belief.

The Great Schism started with the death of French POPE in 1378. When the French pope died an Italian man (URBAN VI) got elected as a Pope in papal court. The problem with him was that he was a very ill-tempered man he disrespected his cardinals even that he tortured them because of his bad tempered most of his cardinals escaped to Rome and rejected his election. Now cardinals in the French interest also declared his elections void and refused to accept him.

French cardinals named a new man as a Pope (CLEMENT VIII) as a Pope, Clement VII withdrew to a new man (Benedict VIII) while urban remained Pope in Rome. Now, there are three popes in the western world. Western world could not decide which one to obey. This conflict continued for forty years and damaged the Papacy more than anything else that had happened to it. The Schism in western Christendom healed at (Council of Constance).

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There were three phantom Popes who were claiming themselves real Pope but all of them deposed in the favor of new pontiff (Martin V) this is how Schism got healed.

Because of the Hundred Years' War, France suffered worst physical and social effects. When war comes it brings sufferings with it. Because of war French crown has faced many betrayals. Population was destroyed by war, even that France lost half of their population. Shortage of labor was also bad effect of war. War decimated the population and effect bad lower class of France. High wages, war decreased the population and therewere not so enough men who were ready to work in low wages so wages got up. Famine is also an effect of war long-term war destroyed most of the farmlands which leads to the famine. Marauders terrorized the countryside because war weakened the law situation in France and looters got chance to rob the countryside areas. The situations of French kings were also very bad because many French kings were not able to exert mush authority over the masses of France..

War destroyed the beliefs of French people. There were loss of ethics and moral values. Trust and respect was only by their names. Monarchs also showed a bad effect on the unity of France. They increased their power and influence in public. Because of war kings were not involved in public issues and monarchs expanded their influence. There was loss of spiritual power because before war the Papacy was in France. France kept church under very tight leach because of war France got weakened and lost control over the church and saw Papacy resettling in Rome.

There are also some good effects on France of war. France emerged stronger from this war. War unites the people of France. French kings expanded their power as nationalism grew. French kings used words like (FRANCIA).

They used term (MOTHERLND) to make France one unit because at that time France was a land of free states. Aristocratic dominance had yielded to power. There are also some new inventions and new weapon tactics at that time such as cross bow and canons. War accelerated the process of transforming from feudal monarchy to centralized state. After hundred years war France worked hard to recover from the miseries of war and significantly large the royal domain. 

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