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Revising EU’s Neighbourhood Policy in light of the wars in Georgia and Ukraine

Executive summary European neighbourhood policy, as a main framework of EU in its relations with neighbouring countries, aims to support partner states in development process and make EU’s neighbourhood more stable and peaceful. However, dynamic changes in its neighbourhood made EU more unsecure and underlined...

Teenage Violence in Georgia and American Counties

On December 1st, 2017, around 2 pm in one of the neighborhoods of Tbilisi, a group of about 15 Georgian high school students had a fight that involved knives. The fight did not end with no victims. Two 16-year-olds were stabbed to death. The argument...

It Happened in Georgia: Following the Development of Georgia's History

It Happened in Georgia by James A. Crutchfield is a nonfiction book about the historical events that took place in the state of Georgia. The book is basically an overview of the history that lies within the borders of Georgia. All the events in the...

Living In The North Georgia Mountain's Versus Coastal Georgia

Where you grow up is like your family in that you never really get to choose for yourself where it is. So, when the candles on top of your birthday cake finally say "18," and you've tripped across the stage in academic regalia, and the...

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