About a Country of Indonesia: The Wonderful Place Full of Surprises

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Indonesia – a country made up of 17,000 plus islands and considered to be the world’s largest island country. Seeing the number above you are probably already imagining the vast diversity that Indonesia could offer, and you are not wrong. Indonesia is full of surprises. Be it the volcanic landscapes or the pristine beaches. Even though it has the largest Muslim population in the world, you will find cultural and religious diversity all around the country.

Bali is one of Indonesia’s prime destinations. Being home to over 20,000 temples, Bali justifies its nickname as the island of the gods. Hindu temples like Uluwatu and Ulun Danu are the highlights. The former royal palace Tirtagangga is another famous location to explore. But temples are not the only things that people are attracted to Bali. To experience the real Balinese culture, you need to visit Ubud, a town located in the centre of the island; where beautiful rice terraces, traditional crafts and dance, and pristine rainforest galore. The nearby Tegallalang rice terraces offer some great photo opportunities. The adventurous types can climb the active volcano Gunung Batur. Others can head towards the pristine beaches and indulge in various water-based activities. The beachside towns of Kuta and Seminyak offer superb beach resorts, shops, vibrant nightlife, and great eating options. A 40 minutes boat ride from Bali will land you at the beautiful Nusa Lembongan, which also will greet you with plenty of great water-sports activities.

Java is another high profile island in Indonesia. Sure it is the home to the country’s capital Jakarta; which is one of the greatest cities in South-East Asia, but you will probably never visit Java just to explore the city. The 9th century UNESCO certified Borobudur temple, located near the historic city of Yogyakarta is the major attraction of the island. It is known for being the world’s largest Buddhist temple. Another attraction of Java is the volcanic 2,329 meters high, known for its lunar-like surreal landscape. You can hike the volcano too.

The island group of Nusa Tenggara is home to various attractions. The Komodo National Park is the highlight of the archipelago. The park spreads between multiple islands for over 1800 sq km. It is a great hiking destination where you can meet the Komodo Dragon – the world’s largest lizard. Padar, Rinca, and Lombok are some of the popular islands of the Nusa Tenggara group as well as the Gilli and the Flores island groups also see a fair share of tourists.

The Sulawesi island is known for its mountainous and dense jungle landscape. Ancient cultures live here alongside rare wildlife. Tana Toraja sets the perfect example of the tradition and culture of the Sulawesi island. With their unique houses and strange funeral rituals, they attract a lot of people travelling to the region. There are also plenty of opportunities for various outdoor activities. Togean Islands, on the other hand, offers some great water-based activities and remote beaches. Pulau Bunaken, a small isle on the north Sulawesi, offers great coral reefs and diverse marine life for diving and snorkelling. The Banda Islands made up of ten small volcanic islands also offer some great underwater activities. Colourful coral reefs and a few beautiful beaches make the island group a great hideaway destination.

Last but definitely not the least, the Raja Ampat island group in Papua Islands has a worldwide reputation of featuring world-class coral reefs and extremely diverse marine life for an amazing diving experience. The group also has jungle-covered islands with wildlife. Papua’s another attraction is the verdant Baliem Valley. Learning about the traditions of the indigenous Dani people and hiking and trekking the mountainous landscape of the valley is once in a lifetime opportunity that one can get. It is almost impossible to cover all the things about a country that is so vast in just one article. And also, to experience the true Indonesian life, one must go out and explore the country by themselves. 

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