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Western Feminism in the Context of the Middle East

Western feminism is the most dominant and well-known form of feminism that exists in the world today. However, when applied to the Middle East, Western feminism is just an extension of cultural imperialism. Western feminism follows an exclusive, hegemony-based approach to women's rights wherein ‘modern’...

Exploring the Geographical Features of the Middle East Region

The Middle East, a clump of countries defined as a set are splitting the northeastern tip of Africa and the southeastern tip of Asia. It is mostly known politically as being corrupt and war-stricken. As of today, there are 17 United Nation identified countries that...

Five Factors Underlying the Middle East Governance Discourse.

The Middle East is a diverse and transcontinental region that extends from the Western borders of Morocco to the Persian Gulf. Though it encapsulates many different countries, it is often misunderstood and wrongly labelled as an area of uniform politics and issues, by the West....

The Overshadowed Global Importance of the Middle East Region

The Middle East has always been the center of attention due to its problems and economic importance to the world. The roots of various civilizations, of great importance in history, since ancient times, are concentrated in this region. Meeting place and misunderstanding of cultures, languages, religions. Home of radical...

The Relation of Politics in the Middle East to Identity Issues

All politics in the Middle East is closely connected with issues of identity, though this is not unique to the region. The nature of politics as an inherently social process, and identity as both a personal and social expression of affiliation, keeps the two inseparable....

War in the Middle East: Does the US Intervention Matter

According to many American politicians, terrorists groups like the Islamic State have been crushed or eradicated. But, as any American knows, we are still at war in the Middle East, is still going on. But war is good. War in the past has proven many...

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