Essay Samples on Middle East

Report on Syrian Refugee Camps near Lebanon

Even before the revolution started, citizens were complaining from a lack of jobs, corruption and political freedom. In March 2011, the southern city of Syria, Deraa had protests against the government which resulted the government to use deadly forces to end the small revolution they…

History and Evolution of Makeup: Egypt Untill Now

Makeup, now an everyday girl’s best friend, from eyeliner, lipstick, and eyeshadow. In today’s culture there is almost never a girl or a guy who has not tried on makeup at least once in their life. You see it out in public and in the…

State Nationalism in Iran & Turkey

During the inter-war period starting from 1920 to 1930, two countries Iran and Turkey faced many revolutionary reforms. These reforms completely changed the fate of these countries and it can be credited the success of both these countries in the modern world due to these…

Flood In Saudi Arabia

Background: The weather in Saudi Arabia is dessert-like, and it is almost hot around the year especially in July. The average temperature in summer is about 45° C and annual rainfall is very low. In this paper, I will discuss an environmental disaster that happened…

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