The Role of Creative Industries in the United Kingdom

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In this essay I will go over and talk about the creative industries and the role they play in the United Kingdom, I will look at the history and the development of the Creative Industries and their sectors. I will then look at the wider range of the Creative Industries cultural and economic effects it has had and the impact that is has had on the country as a whole. I will define the Creative Industries as designated by the Governments findings and studies I will also talk and explain about how the sector has developed of the course of the years. To the best of what I can find.

Brittan has a history of worldwide inter-continental trading because of this in 2016, 11% per cent of UK exports were tied to the creative industries. this was larger than what they earned with GDP which was only 5-6 percent. With these figures a plan developed by UK industry along with UK Government which aims to increase the exports to a higher standard and to increase the income from the export over the next few years. The UK as a first world country has a large amount of strengths in the media, culture and education because of the history of ingenuity and openness to new tech and ideas which allows it to influence the industries on a larger scale compared to other counties. 

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One of the united kingdom’s defining feature is its openness to international collaboration in the creative industries. On the earth there are many people all over the world who are either speaking or learning to speak English. the UK has a large history of trading with other counties and having a large and diverse population with many different cultures and faiths. Because of These factors it makes the country very well suited to work with international partners and countries that have a many different traditions and beliefs. With this in mind it makes it so that we can handle a wide range of different clientele and people from all over the different counties of the world. 

With the creative industry as a whole we have generated lots of money and jobs this is because in the creative media aspects of the counties are constantly expanding and new companies or groups that work or create products in the industry are constantly being created and invested in. with that because of the new companies or new advancements in the field there are many new job that get created some require a specialised skill set while some don’t. There are also great financial incentives to invest in the creative sector there are tax reliefs and other things.

Between the years 2000 and 2009, more than 60 percent of growth and productivity came from innovation in the fields of the creative industries. With the innovation of new ideas and technology and the expansion of the field and what they can do it will continue to grow and expand with new ideas and ways to handle matters and to solve problems.

In 2017 the GVA of the creative industries was estimated and a large 101.5 billion pounds. With that figure in mind it would calculate that the estimated hourly earnings from the creative industries was a massive 11.5 million pounds every hour. The reason for this is Since 2016, the GVA of the creative industries has raised by a figure of 7.1 per cent. Between the periods of 2010 and 2017, GVA of the UK rose by 53.1% in the creative industries, this was much faster and surprising because they made almost double than the 29.7% increase in the UK’s economy as a whole during the same time period.

All around the UK almost all the MP’s have been giving there support for the creative industry every year. Many of them have also agreed that the creative industries are heavily important to the future and continued growth of the county’s economy and continued advancement. Many of them also agree that the creative industries are vital to the future creation of many new jobs and for the massive help that it has giving the UK for making us have showing us in a good light in other countries.

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