Integration Of Immigrants And Multicultural Society In England

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In November 2005 John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, stated that “Multiculturalism has seemed to imply, wrongly for me: let other cultures be allowed to express themselves but do not let the majority culture at all tell us its glories, its struggles, its joys, its pains”. However, has integration and globalization affected England positively or negatively? Integration has made a positive impact on England and can be one of the main reasons why England is called a multicultural country. We get influenced by different cultures all the time and which gives us more understanding of other cultures.

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Firstly, in the integration creates a wider community where a variety of cultures gets represented. Ever since the British Empire occurred, people from all around the world have immigrated to the UK. Since England was a big industrial country, most of the immigrants settled there. 1966 Roy Jenkins said, “I define integration, therefore, not as a flattening process of assimilation but as equal opportunity, accompanied by cultural diversity, in an atmosphere of mutual tolerance”. The integration gives immigrants the opportunity to help society, furthermore get an education or a job. The benefit of this is that England becomes a more multicultural society and gets to adopt a variety of things from other cultures such as food, different perspectives on things, new languages, living and working.

Integration makes it easier for people to cooperate with other countries and cultures. The people that live in a multicultural society have a different understanding of other people and their way of living, in contrast to people growing up in a non-multicultural society. For instance, in England where you are surrounded by different people from various cultures, you see them behave and think in their way, which can make it easier for you to see the case from their perspective. According to, there was evidence that being part of more ethnically mixed networks could counterbalance the negative effects of discrimination on social trust, which could be a result of having more knowledge about others.

Some people may say that integration has affected England negatively and believes that it causes a lot of challenges for the society, conflicts furthermore a disappearance of the culture. Integration can cause a variety of challenges for society and it may occur in conflict around the topic. People can often be afraid of what they do not know, which means there is a typical fear associated with immigrants when they first move to a country. Therefore, it is important with integrating and people getting used to other cultures and live with them, which can result in less racism and discrimination in society. In addition, ethnic groups have for a long time contributed massively to different societies, making them richer in all sorts of ways. Integration has also been important to the English culture; it has formed the society into how it is today, determining how individuals learn, eat, worship, celebrate and respect each other in a society.

To conclude, integration has impacted England positively and has affected society in many ways. England has become a wider community with more opportunities for people regardless of ethnicity. Integration has helped with understanding others, seeing things from different perspectives, and cooperating with other cultures and countries. In addition, integration can result in less racism and discrimination, furthermore, it has been important to how the English culture has been shaped into how it is today.


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