Rome: Analysis of Public Administration and State Building

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On 753 BC, Rome was founded. Rome is located in Europe, in the country of Italy. Rome is basically a strip of land that is surrounded by 3 sides of the Mediterranean sea. Rome is connected to Gual (France's old name) but is separated by the Alps which is a mountain range. The Roman's first settlement was built on Palatine hill because it was easily defended as they had the high ground. The Tiber is a river that flows through Rome and enters the Mediterranean sea. Before they used the Tiber for farming their crops and they also used the Tiber for a reliable source of water. The Romans had fertile land because of volcanic soil.

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The Romans traded with China on the silk road for silk which was used for their clothing, they traded with Britain for silver and the Romans used the Indian Ocean to trade with India. The Romans also traded with the Africans for exotic animals to use in the Colosseum. The Roman soldiers built a network of bridges to create a connection with other cities and territories across rivers. The bridges were very important for Rome's military because the soldiers could travel faster from one empire to another. Romans got iron from trading olive oil, wine, and papyrus. 

They used the iron for making the soldiers weapons. They used strips of iron for their armor and also used iron daggers and swords for defending Rome. Romans used catapults to throw rocks that could break through walls. The Romans didn't build any fortresses but they built the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. The colosseum is basically a gladiator area. They built the colosseum because if anyone didn’t obey the rules they were put in the colosseum to fight another person for the king's entertainment.

The climate in Rome is very good. The Romans had rainy winters, and hot, dry summers. So they could develop an agricultural base. This climate helped the Romans grow olives, wheat, and grapes. The original function of Rome was to be a fort but now it has changed. Now Rome is known for its tourism. Rome is the 12th most visited city in the world. People go there to visit the colosseum which is the biggest amphitheater, the roman forum which is the ancient ruin marketplace and St Peter’s Basilica which is a church. Before in Ancient Rome, there were about 450,000 people as their population. Now in 2019, there are about 2.8 million people who live there. Italy also has many amazing museums, and beaches. The museums in Italy mostly present hand-carved sculptures.

Now in Rome, they have a huge olive and grape farm. Now Rome has the world's largest producer of wine and has the world’s largest olive farm. In Rome, there are olive oil and wine tours. They teach us how to make olive oil and wine. Rome is known for its Italian food. Foods like Pizza, Spaghetti, Caprese, Carpaccio, Lasagna, Risotto, Ravioli, Cappuccino, Gelato, Tiramisu and Panna Cotta. In Rome, these foods can be found in Pizzerias. Pizzerias were first designated in 1987. Now Italian cuisine is the most popular cuisine followed by Chinese and Japanese.

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