Iraq Invasion: Reflection on Why the War Went So Badly

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We had the opportunity to watch a video on the class of government at South Texas College, the video it’s about one and a half-hour long, so this is a brief summary and making some personal notes about what the video contains and interesting topics around this one. The video talks about the Iraq invasion and what its called the Iraq war also called the Second Persian War.

The invasion of Iraq was the first stage of what we call the Iraq war, on March-April of 2003 is when all of this started, a group of troops of the United States, Great Britain, Australia and Poland invaded Iraq. This conflict continued a decade later after the military power defeated rapidly the Iraq force, after several years of violence this started to decline, eventually when this started to happen the United States and his allies, reduced their army, completing this until 2011. The invasion occurred in 2002 when President George W. Bush declared to be in the counter of all this kind of movements because of the 9 of September, he said we got to combat terrorism, so he declared a war on this year.

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The congress in October of 2002 allowed Bush to attack Iraq along with the United Kingdom and some little allied troops. Sending a bombing campaign, Iraqis forces started to overwhelm quickly, till the moment that the United States was all along the country and pushed the Iraqi people to the sides of the country. The invasion guide the government of Ba’athish to the collapse. After this Saddam was captured at Operation Red in December of that year.

The power came down to Saddam’s demise and the mismanagement of the violence between Shias and Sunnis as well as a lengthy insurgency against the United States and the allied countries. A lot of insurgent groups were supported by Iran and Iraq. The United States counterattacked with a bigger troops surge, build op of 170,000 troops. This war ended like ten years ago and got along with this a lot of fear and awe to the Iraqi people, just because the government of the United States ordered to go and create chaos in this country. A lot of people died at this war and started a no-end war with these countries.

Why did the Iraq invasion go so badly? Well I think that the main reason for the Invasion of Iraqi territory was so bad is because the hungry of power, the people do not have morals and ethics, so they did not feel any kind of sympathy with the Iraqi people so they did not know where to stop. This made a country to go upside down and to set free the violence between Iraqis vs United States and even though between Iraqis themselves. This was a strategic mistake of the government of the United States, not just in execution but in conception, this involved a lot of human risk and financial costs.

The republicans need to admit that the Iraq War was an enormous mistake, the ar was missed on-premises to prove it is false. The program of control of arms was urgent and that Saddam’s regime could have a democratic chain reaction through some parts of the country. Democrats need to admit about Iraq is the fact that this war was wrong but is not right to all critiques.

This war is delicate because a lot of dainty topics are touched in this, government, arms possession, invasion, violence, attacking other countries, etc. The government of the United States made an error and they can not do anything to change it. Maybe they can compensate it, but you can not change the past, so I think It would be better if the government just admit that they did it wrong but that they will be better in the future, because you look worse if you know that you messed it up, and everyone knows it and you do not admit it or they are just hiding of it than to confront the consequences and try to improve in things that can actually be improved and not to be running away of past ghosts. 

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