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Fictional Report Assignment: World War Ii As A Burden On Japan

I am Yamashita Kouji, an anti-war resistance fighter in Japan, 1945. Since Japan’s invasion of Manchuria in 1931, I have seen how the militaristic government’s policies have been ruining the country and our society. Hence, to save our beloved homeland, I have been taking part...

The Usage of Cryptography in the Battle of Midway

Cryptography defines the process or study in which classified information is transformed into undecipherable text for protection. In World War II, cryptography was used immensely by multiple nations worldwide. Countries used this form of secrecy to protect valuable information from being revealed, when communicating.The use...

The Inadequate Role of Chance in the Battle of Midway

Though Japan appeared to be the probable victor during the first six hours at the battle at Midway, pivotal decisions made by Americans altered the fate of Midway, influencing the course and outcome of the Second World War. The victory for the United States of...

The Grand Alliance Success: Combined Power And Significant Battles

The main factors that led to the success of The Grand Alliance primarily include the prioritization of war preparation, widespread patriotism within The Allied countries, and preemptive organization for attacks. Also, with the combined power of the US, Soviet Union, and Great Britain, they could...

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