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Holocaust: Dr. Josef Mengele Biography

 You ask someone, “what is the worst crime in living memory?” And their answers will most likely be “the Holocaust.” How could someone be so cruel and want to kill 6 million Jews? Well, that’s exactly what happened with Dr. Josef Mengele. The first time...

Josef Mengele: The Doctor in Charge of the Horrors of Auschwitz

“At Auschwitz dying was so easy. Surviving was a full time job.” From his warm smiles to his lethal experiments, Josef Mengele deceived the prisoners of Auschwitz to make them feel safe, and then exploit their trust. Josef Mengele was one of many doctors positioned...

The Case of Dr. Josef Mengele: An Ordinary Man who Became Evil

Of all the people that were part of the nazi concentration camps, Dr. Josef Mengele was one of the most interesting cases. Dr. Mengele was one of the men in charge of Auschwitz, and conducted cruel experiments to people of all ages. Dr. Mengele worked...

Joseph Mengele: Cruelty of The Angel of Death

When we think of Angels, we think of holy spirits, but this Angel was at one point the cruelest person alive. Josef Mengele was a despicable monster who performed inhumane experiments on innocent people with peculiar traits. He used his authority to target innocent Jews...

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