Personal Gratefulness For People In My Life

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There are only a very few people in your life who, outright, fit in as the last piece in a jigsaw puzzle and complete your story. I’m humbled by the very fact that I have known some. Those who have loved me beyond its sense and taught me how to love unconditionally without any boundaries. Those who have lit my dark patches and helped me become a torch for others. Those who have practiced the virtue of gratitude so profoundly that I couldn’t help myself but follow their footsteps. Those who have shown me the true sense and significance of humility and All the people who became the silver lining in my sky or served as a rainbow in my cloud. It’s thanks to them that I found the courage to own my story .I own my story; the good, the bad and the ugly.

I own the people who are or have been a part of my life, all that I did and everything that I ought to have done, however, could not do all these years. I know whatever I have is a blessing. I settle for that. I am grateful to people who came before me; days and years long past and taught me what I’m meant to do for generations to come. This can be my legacy.

I acknowledge that I am upheld by The One so profoundly benevolent, that I am loved by my Creator. This mere thought liberates me. It provides me with the liberty to attempt and accomplish anything and everything worthwhile in this lifetime, however, with a sense of responsibility. It provides me freedom with strength and a direction to move on. This is can be my right. My Creator has made me and He adores me, therefore, along these lines, I am not merely required but rather am accountable to uphold myself against any injustice. It doesn’t feel right to ask another person to stand up for my sake when I don’t bat for myself. This can be my duty.

The most difficult part to acknowledge is that whereas my Creator cherishes me, He conjointly adore those who are cruel to me, demeaned me, or in any manner left me hurt as they are His creation too. Regardless of whether the person being referred to understand this, I need to remember that the One who cherishes me, adores them too. Therefore, I am required to observe forgiveness for His sake and for His love. This can be my commitment. This is who I am and this can be where I simply lead.

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