Three People Who Influenced Me Throughout My Life

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My parents are undeniably the people who gave me the most profound influence. I would not talk about them separately because they are truly in one flesh. My parents met each other at bible college, and after they married, they served in church and drug rehab center and later pioneering in a small town together. But they did not neglect their own family; in fact, they always place family first before ministry, or rather, family is the core of their ministry. So, my parents just simply follow exactly what the bible said, “Be fruitful and multiply”, by giving birth to nine children - one girl and eight boys. They also homeschool their own children with the Word of God, and take them along for ministry. Moreover, they have family devotion three times a day with their children. Now, all their children, including me the first child and only daughter, have committed their life to God, and six of them have already been undergoing theological training. Although imperfect, my parents have indeed done an excellent job: to bring up a godly generation.

John Bunyan was one of the historical figures who greatly influenced me. In the latter half of 17th century, John Bunyan wrote one of the famous classics in the world, the Pilgrim’s Progress. And this was the only book of John Bunyan that I have ever read to date. I remember I was around eight years old when I first encountered with the book, which was lying quietly on my father’s bookshelf. It was a Chinese version first published in 1952, translated by Z. K. Zia. Since then the book Pilgrim’s Progress became my favorite; not only have I read the book several times, but the narrative of the book has also impacted greatly on my outlook. What impressed me most, however, was John Bunyan himself. He was a remarkable man who was simple, dauntless, and hardworking in his life as well as his faith. John Bunyan was poor and had little formal education throughout his life, but these did not stop him from reading, thinking, preaching and writing, even when he was put in jail because of persecution. If we put our faith in God, God can use anyone of us, no matter how lowly we are. As I think back my childhood, how John Bunyan and his Pilgrim Progress influenced me to step foot on the pilgrim’s journey with a simple faith, God again reminds me who I am and where is my homeland.

And of course, Jesus should get the highest honor among people who have had great influence on my life. While the earthly life of Jesus was short, it was not short of being a huge impact. During this brief time, Jesus not only left us practical teachings but also being a perfect example for all believers to live on. He was such an obedient, respectful and he is the greatest person who every lived was the perfect example/hi moral character, his teachings, and his influence upon history demostrate that

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