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Infanticide: The Loop Hole Of First-degree Murder

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has assigned the Justice Minister of Canada a mandate to improve the Canadian Criminal Law. In light of contemporary scientific knowledge, the murder provisions, specifically surrounding infanticide, are in need of significant amendment. The section of the Criminal Code pertaining to...

Homicide in Chicago: Statistics and Causes

The pattern of Homicide in Chicago from 1990 to now has decreased but has had a sudden increase in 2016. Murder rates were at its highest in the 1990s at about 30-35 homicides per 100,000 residents. Since then Chicago has had a sudden decline and...

Identifying the Psychology of Violent Crime and Crime Homicide

The crime homicide is explained through psychological, criminological theories of Sigmund Freud, Stephen Porter and Robert Hare, from a theoretical perspective. The crime homicide, specifically the category of murder, has been at the forefront of criminological studies for centuries. Theoretical perspectives included in Lombroso’s biological...

A Social Issue Of Honor Killing In Pakistan

Introduction This investigation is about honor killing in Pakistan. The motivation behind the examination is to distinguish and investigate this social issue and recommend a few solutions for limit this curse. We have altogether investigated and specified the measurements and ends from prior inquire about...

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