Essay Samples on Human Brain

The Influence of the Past on Free Will

Free will is merely an illusion crafted by the human brain. The idea that we have the freedom to choose is appealing to us. Though it seems that we consciously partake in the decision process and have the power to control our actions and choices,…

The Extreme Importance of First Impression

We’ve all been on the receiving end of adages like ‘your first impression is the last impression.’ As unfair as it might sound, the first impressions are exceedingly accurate and people tend to register the first impressions within a tenth of the second. Subsequently, the…

How To Practice Effectively

Practicing means working on an action repeatedly or regularly to improve it. Annie Bosler and Don Greene in their video “How to practice efficiently for just about anything” on Ted-Ed, describes how to practice and how your brain plays a major role in practicing and…

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