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The Importance Of Historiography In Studying History

The word History is derived from the Greek word istorio meaning investigation, research, exploration or information. History is study of the past narrating the life of men and the stories created by them. It narrates how men fought against the entire natural phenomenon for food,...

Our History Is Created by Historians

What is History? Historians use different historical approaches such as Marxism, the Annales School and Quantitative History as intellectual frameworks of their work by gathering sources, including primary and secondary sources, that span from written documents physical artifacts, art, advertising, film, propaganda from a time...

 Famous Greek Historians: Herodotus, Thucydides and Polybius

The Greeks invented history as a literary genre in the fifth century BC. Herodotus, ‘the father of History’ wrote it around ca. 450-425 BC, considerably after the appearance of epic, lyric poetry, philosophy, tragedy and comedy, and some four hundred years, according to his own...

How Ancient Greek Historians Saw History

Mesopotamia, one of the earliest civilizations used pictograms and writing to keep records. There were scribes that recorded daily events. Another way that Mesopotamia kept records was through storytelling. Storytellers would have passed stories down over generations. This went on for many years until Greek...

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