The Practice Of Abortion: Pro-choice And Pro-life

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In the mid-late 1800s, some laws made abortions illegal. During the time hospitals weren’t very common and even professional doctors had a limited medical education. Some women were able to get an abortion from private doctors though it was still illegal. Due to these limited situations and laws women self-induced abortions on themselves. Self-Induced abortions lead to women having a plethora of medical issues. Many women died and hospital staff tried to care for these women that were dead and dying as much as they could. Finally in 1973 when the Supreme Court legalized abortions there was a decrease in pregnancy-related injuries. Women were finally given the choice to decide whether or not to have a child. Recently it has been brought to not only the people’s attention but also the president’s attention about abortions and whether or not they should be illegal again. This truly affects a plethora of people because a lot of the times it is mainly high schoolers and rape victims that end up pregnant.

Abortions have already been made illegal in Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Louisiana a bill was passed to ban abortions. It makes no sense to be banning abortions again due to the history of what had happened when they were illegal. We are not learning from history and the same mistakes are gonna be made all over again. Women are violated/raped almost every day, why would you take away their choice of getting rid of a child they did not even have the consent of wanting? Why would you let a fifteen or sixteen-year-old have a baby when they can’t even take care of themselves? Why would you want women to hurt themselves and possibly lead themselves to death, again? Do not make the same mistakes when the outcome is already known.

The Problem

Abortion has been one of the largest controversies of all time. Many people believe that it is a form of murder whether if they believe it due to their religious beliefs or scientifical facts. The definition of abortion is; “The termination of the physiological state by the removal or expulsion from the female internal reproductive organ of a vertebrate or embryo before being capable of traditional growth.” Those that are on the pro-life side believe that abortions should stay legal due to that several things happen to women and girls that lead to a violation, rape, and unwanted pregnancy. Those that are on pro-choice don’t recognize that if abortion were illegal women would go back to self indicing abortions on themselves or are going to doctors or nurses that are not well educated on how to give abortions and most likely get infections. Over seventy thousand maternal deaths occur each year due to unsafe abortions.


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Pro-choice believers support the plan for girls and women to choose what is best for not only themselves but also their body and maybe even for the unborn child. Pro-choice defenders are a bit more sympathetical when it comes to women and girls getting abortions, seeing that some girls get pregnant at a very young age where not only will they not be able to take care of a baby but most likely not even themselves and their body may not even be mature enough to handle a fetus so it could die on its own. For women, it is a bit more traumatic emotionally and mentally due to that some women have disorders and or illnesses that can lead a woman to die once having a child and maybe even the child could die too and the woman has to abort the baby right away to save her own life. In 2015 a total of 303,000 women died due to causes related to childbirth. As a collective, we do not know how a woman’s body works or let alone what is best for it and so women should have a decision on what to do when it comes to having a baby.


Even though many folks follow pro-life thanks to their faith. In Christianity or Catholicism, abortion has been thought of as murder since Pope Sixtus V declared it. Religion has always been one of the main points on why women don’t get abortions or why they are against them. It is not within their belief and so, therefore, it is wrong. Along with it, pro-life people aren’t just against abortions but they are against women using any type of birth control due to that if birth control is used for far too long women can become infertile and not be able to have a child. Seeing that a lot of teens use birth control and a lot of them may end up infertile as they get older or the chances of having a baby will get slimmer could lead to underpopulation later on.

The Risk

It’s been calculated that at least forty-three million abortions happen a year. If you truly think about it if none of those abortions happened we would be overpopulated, as of now we are overly populated but having all those children who would maybe teens or adults right now would’ve made it worse. As grim as it sounds, those women getting abortions and those babies which weren’t even alive yet actually helped the earth. Pro-life supporters don’t agree with the reasons for abortions. Abortion should stay legal; seeing that back then it was the worst thing to happen to women and the world there is a possibility where it still can be due to the fact that we will just be repeating history. It is not anyone else’s life that will be affected it is of the woman and of the child, and if she knows that she won’t be able to take it due to medical issues or any inner self-issue at all then it is best to let that fetus go. The tendency of deciding for women and what we do for them is disgusting ad is against women’s rights.


The fight for abortion rights will never die. Seeing that women truly never got their freedom nor a right to truly speak for themselves and their bodies. Women will never stop the fight. So why deprive these women of what they know what is best for themselves? Why let our opinion affect them when it is not an actual fact? When it is not our bodies nor our life? Why hate them, judge them, blame them for choosing what they know is best for themselves and that unborn child? Abortions have already been made illegal in certain states and women are flying to other places to get rid of the fetus that is not living or breathing yet. Why let society come to this again? History is to be learned from not repeated but seeing how the economy and society are going now, there is no hope for anyone, not even that child that you want a woman to keep.

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