Essay Samples on Mental Health

Why Teenagers Are Developing Eating Disorders

Nowaday, Teenager have feeling that their body isn’t perfect.It decreases their confidence and giving them an eating disorder this is called Teenage Anorexia . Even though this eating disorder is very dangerous but people continue doing it. It can harm themselves and may cause to...

Festinger’s Theory of Cognitive Dissonance

Hypothesis focuses on transmitting data and information; Leon Festinger considers it one of the theories about communication that he developed and advanced during the 1960s. This hypnosis surrounding cognitive dissonance that Festinger believed arises while a person holds two different contradicting perceptions. The theory of...

Reasons Why I Want To Work In Health Care

With Apparently limitless options of reflexology, sport massage, aromatherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, person centered counselling and neuro-linguistic programming, why should anyone choose hypnotherapy? As a hypnotherapist, I’ve seen immediate incredible changes that this form of therapy can bring. Something that I hear a lot from...

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